Brumate Nav Sol 22oz (Discontinued)

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Brumate Nav

If you're a lover of any drink type who's tired of it getting to the tasteless temperatures before you can enjoy it, the Brumate Nav is here to solve your problem. This sleek and stylish insulated mug is designed to keep your beverages hot and ice-cold for hours, so you can savour every sip in the long run.


  • Cup-holder friendly,
  • 100% leakproof for hot, cold and carbonated beverages
  • BevGuard™ insulation will keep them perfect temperature until the last sip.


Q1. Is this product meant to keep hot or cold?

These Brumate drink storages are meant to keep your beverage on an average temperature of hot for up to 4 hours, cold up to 24 hours, and carbonated.

Q2. Does it fit in a cupholder?

Yes! The storage mugs are cupholder friendly and even designed for versatility with a handle that’s left and right-hand friendly. So regardless which side you're sitting on, it should be a snug fit for a comfortable reach.

Q3. What lock type do they have?

For leakproof security, each mug possesses a BevLock to ensure the hot/cold of the beverage stays in and nothing spills out. The extra button on top allows for easy air flow when drinking and for opening of the lid without much suction hassle when it's time to refill or clean up. There is also a non-slip base added for extra reassurance. 

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