Brumate Hopsulator TRiO 3-in-1 (12oz/16oz Can) - Rainbow Titanium

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BrüMate Hopsulator TRíO 3-in-1 (12oz/16oz Can) - Rainbow Titanium

Are you tired of not being able to finish your drinks because they get warm? Do you want the option to chill a variety of drinks and not be limited by their size? Then this Brumate trio hopsulator set may be just right for you! Its patented 3-in-1 design lets you keep a wider range of drinks ice-cold anywhere you go.*

This Brumate cooler is perfect for sunny days at the beach or while camping. Because it fits into most car cup holders, you can take it on the go and use it during road trips. Try out this hopsulator can koozie set and say goodbye to warm drinks!*

Brumate Trio Can Cooler Features:

  • Holds 12 and 16oz cans excepts slims and 12oz Coors*
  • Patented 3-in-1 design*
  • Keeps drinks 20x colder than standard can coolers*
  • Drinks stay cold for longer*
  • No condensation*
  • Push-lock gasket
  • No-slip base*
  • Bevguard technology

Brumate Cooler Specifications:

  • Capacity: 16oz
  • Height: 6 1/8”
  • Circumference: 9 7.5/8”
  • Diameter: 3.14”

Keeps Drinks Ice-Cold

Nothing’s better than an ice-cold drink on a hot day, but you can often only get half-way through before it goes warm. This Brumate trio hopsulator set uses special bevguard technology to keep your drinks up to 20 times colder than regular can coolers. It does this with triple-insulated stainless-steel. These layers also help maintain the cold so that it last until your final sip.*

3-in-1 Design

Any Brumate hopsulator can keep drinks cold, but with this trio set you don’t have to choose which sizes. It fits 16oz cans normally, and 12oz ones with the adapter. Add the lid and you can drink beverages straight from the hopsulator like a tumbler!*

Cold Drinks Anywhere

Whether you’re spending the day at the beach, going camping, or taking a road trip, this Brumate cooler trio will keep your drinks ice-cold. It fits into most car cup-holders, so you don’t have to wait until you get where you’re going to open a drink. It also has a push-lock gasket and no-slip base to help keep your drinks secure and minimize spills.*

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