Brumate GROWL'R 64oz Insulated Beer Growler

SKU: BRU-1049-002 ISBN/UPC: 195429033217

BrüMate GROWL'R 64oz Insulated Beer Growler

Are you looking for a way to keep your drinks cool and refreshing all day long? Then this Brumate GROWl’R may be perfect for you! It’s a great travel companion as it holds 64 oz of your favourite drinks and keeps them cold for more than a day. These insulated growlers for beer also have airtight lids so nothing spills while you’re on the go.*

This insulated beer growler is also brewery approved. This means you can go to your favourite tap house and take their beer home in your growler. Its cooling technology keeps it fresh so you can enjoy it into the weekend.*

64 oz Beer Growler Features:

  • Brewery approved*
  • Glass-free zone friendly*
  • Keeps your drink cold and carbonated for up to 48 hours*
  • Holds 64 oz of your favourite drink
  • Comes with an airtight lid with a clip*
  • Features bevguard technology

Insulated Beer Growler Specifications:

  • Capacity: 64 oz
  • Height: 12 1/8”
  • Diameter: 4 7/8”

Brewery Approved

This insulated beer growler is approved at breweries so you can fill up with whatever is on tap. It also works in glass-free zones because it’s made from stainless-steel. With its cooling technology you don’t have to worry about your beer going flat and warm by the time you get home, either.*

Stays Cool and Carbonated

Thanks to Brumate’s special bevguard technology, your drink can stay cool and carbonated for up to 48 hours. It does this with its triple insulated stainless-steel. But don’t worry, the technology helps prevent your drink from getting a metallic-taste.*

Super Portable

This insulated growler 64 oz is perfect for weekend trips or all-day hydration. Its twist-off lid is airtight so it keeps your drinks carbonated and makes sure nothing spills. This makes it great for packing in your bag no matter the occasion.*

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