Brumate Champagne Flute 12oz - Aura (Rainbow) Titanium

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Brumate Champagne Flute 12oz - Aura (Rainbow) Titanium

Are you looking for a champagne flute that can withstand regular use and that won’t get warm and flat too quickly? Then this Brumate Champagne Flute 12oz may be just right for you! It’s made with bevguard technology to keep your drink cooler for longer.*

This brumate rainbow titanium flute fits twice the amount of a normal champagne glass in sturdy stainless steel. It has a twist-off, flip-top lid that keeps the bubbles in and makes it a great travelling companion.*

Brumate Champagne Flute Features:

  • 5x the bubbles*
  • Keeps your drink 20x colder than a normal glass*
  • Features a twist-off, flip-top lid
  • Holds 12oz
  • Bevguard technology guarantees your drinks stay cold and refreshing*

Brumate Flute Specifications:

  • Capacity” 12oz
  • Height: 6.1”
  • Diameter: 2 3/8”

Double the Bubbles

This Brumate champagne flute holds the same amount as two normal champagne flutes. To do this, brumate uses their special technology to keep the champagne cold. This brumate rainbow titanium flute also has a twist-off, flip-top lid. This helps lock in the carbonation so your bubbles last longer!*

Bevguard Technology

The champagne brumate flute wouldn’t be able to hold 12oz without the bevguard technology. You don’t want warm champagne and this tech makes sure that doesn’t happen! And don’t worry about having metallic-tasting bubbles, it keeps the metal in the stainless steel and out of your drink.*


This brumate champagne flute keeps your drinks 20 times colder than normal glass. This combined with its secure lid makes it perfect for taking on the go! Whether you’re camping, having a picnic, or relaxing on the beach, you can enjoy chilled, bubbly champagne.*

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