Bkind Hibiscus whipped Face Butter 45 g

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Bkind Hibiscus whipped Face Butter 45 g

If you're looking for a gentle, all-natural facial cleanser that won't strip your skin of its natural oils, look no further than our Hibiscus Whipped Face Butter. Made with organic ingredients, this butter is perfect for pampering your beautiful skin. It provides moisture and cleansing without harsh chemicals or pollutants.

Bkind Hibiscus whipped Face Butter 45 g is the perfect blend to pamper your beautiful skin. It may help you get an even facial skin tone and provides moisture at the same time.

  • Made with natural ingredients*
  • Vegan*
  • Natural*
  • Available in recyclable packaging*
  • Cruelty Free*
  • It does not contain any water*
  • It is infact made only with the finest nourishing ingredients.*
  • A very small amount is enough to cover your face!*


Shea butter, mango seed butter, hibiscus oil, hemp seed oil, apricot oil, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, passionfruit oil, arnauba wax, grapefruit seeds extract, vitamin E.

Mango seed butter:

Mango butter is known for its capacity to nourish deeply while being non-comedogenic: it will let your skin pores breathes and prevent blemishes. Full of antioxidants, this ingredient will prevent skin aging and promote elasticity.

Hibiscus oil:

recognized as the « Botox » plant because of its powerful anti-ageing properties and its ability to increase skin’s elasticity.

Hemp seed oil:

hemp seed oil will penetrate your skin quickly and is non-comedogenic: it really helps the skin to breathe and prevent blemishes. Also, hemp seed oil will fight acne and will soothe the skin.

How to Use:

On a dry and clean skin, apply a small amount and massage all over your face. (Note that we do not add water to our products, thus, a very small amount is enough!)

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