BioBag Pet Waste Bags Standard Size 50 Bags

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BioBag Pet Waste Bags Standard Size 50 Bags

The mission of BioBag is to assist in keeping all naturally occurring organic waste out of landfills. Food waste, yard garbage, paper waste, and pet waste are all included in this. An excellent substitute for standard polyethylene plastic bags is BioBag Pet Waste Bags. The resin (Mater-Bi) used to make BioBag Pet Waste Bags is sourced from plants, vegetable oils, and biodegradable polymers. Italy is the source of Mater-Bi.


  • Compostable Material
  • Easy Tie Handles
  • Odour Control
  • Standard Size 8.0" x 11.4" for All Breeds


Q: Are BioBag Pet Waste Bags suitable for all types of pet waste?

A: Absolutely! BioBag Pet Waste Bags are designed to accommodate various types of pet waste, providing a versatile and eco-friendly solution for pet owners.

Q: Can I compost BioBag Pet Waste Bags in my backyard compost bin?

A: Yes, BioBag Pet Waste Bags are suitable for composting. Ensure you follow proper composting guidelines, and these bags will break down naturally.

Q: How long does it take for BioBag Pet Waste Bags to decompose?

A: Under optimal composting conditions, BioBag Pet Waste Bags typically break down within a few weeks, contributing to a more sustainable waste management cycle.

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