BioBag Gallon Resealable Bags 15 Bags

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BioBag Gallon Resealable Bags 15 Bags

A creative substitute for conventional resealable zipper bags made of polyethylene intended for food storage. Robust, elastic, and breathable. BioBag resealable food storage bags are ideal for keeping a wide variety of foods, including fats and acids, and they prolong the shelf life of food. The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) has confirmed that the bag and resealable zipper are compostable. The largest resealable product in the collection is the BioBag Resealable Gallon Bags. These bags are ideal for many in-home and on-the-go applications, including travelling and storing leftovers. Size 10.6" x 10.75"


Q: Are BioBag Gallon Resealable Bags suitable for all types of kitchen waste?

A: Yes, BioBag Gallon Resealable Bags are designed to accommodate various types of kitchen waste, including organic and compostable materials.

Q: Can I use these bags for both dry and wet waste?

A: Absolutely! These bags are versatile and suitable for both dry and wet kitchen waste, providing a comprehensive solution for your disposal needs.

Q: How long does it take for BioBag Gallon Resealable Bags to decompose in a composting environment?

A: The decomposition time may vary, but under optimal composting conditions, BioBag Gallon Resealable Bags typically break down within a few weeks, contributing to a more sustainable waste management cycle.

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