Aurium WartFreeze Hands and Feet 38 ml

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Nutrition Facts

Dimethyl Ether

Recommended Use:

For detailed instructions refer to packaging. Adults and children over the age of four may use WartFreeze. However, adults should apply WartFreeze to children.

Package Contents:

A box of WartFreeze contains an aerosol can with dimethyl ether and propane, 16 cleansing swabs and 8 protective bandages. The box also contains a detailed information leaflet.

Side Effects: White coloration of the skin: as soon as you remove the applicator from the wart, the skin turns white. This coloration quickly goes away,The appearance of a blister: the blister disappears as soon as the wart falls off the skin revealing new skin which will form under the blister,Pain: a stinging, itching sensation may occur as soon as the applicator is removed from the skin but this quickly subsides.


It is advisable to use WartFreeze in well ventilated areas of your house. Avoid using WartFreeze close to open flames. Diabetics and pregnant women may use WartFreeze only with the advice of a health care practitioner. If the wart does not disappear after four treatments, you should go to the general practitioner or dermatologist. WartFreeze may not be used for removing warts on the face or the genitals, skin conditions with signs of inflammation,dark moles, dark-coloured, hairy or otherwise unusual looking skin conditions which resemble warts, areas of thin skin such as the face, armpits, chin, breasts or bottom, warts on children under the age of four.

Aurium WartFreeze Hands and Feet

WartFreeze is an innovative new wart remover product that makes common and plantar wart removal fast and easy.* It can be used on the hands and feet and is a safe wart treatment for children 4 years of age and older. *

WartFreeze home wart removal uses cryotherapy, a cold temperature treatment method.* It provides the most comprehensive method of wart treatment, immediately freezing the wart, which will then fall off in approximately 10 to 14 days.* WartFreeze wart remover effectively treats plantar warts on feet and common warts that usually appear on the hands.* It eliminates the need for time-consuming doctor visits by giving you the ability to use an effective common and plantar wart treatment in the comfort of your own home.*

Unlike other wart treatments, WartFreeze is easy to use.* It requires no assembly, nor does it leave behind an inconvenient mess.* Simply place the easy-to-use applicator over the wart, and dispense the metered dosage according to package directions.* Your common wart and plantar wart removal will be fast and painless with WartFreeze's direct and exact dosage.* After about 14 days, your wart will simply drop off, much like a scab, leaving a healthy layer of skin in its place.*


  • WartFreeze has an easy to use 1-piece ready to use applicator. *
  • WartFreeze requires absolutely no assembly*
  • WartFreeze usually removes warts within 10 to 14 days, often in 1 treatment.*


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.