AtlanTick Lava Bead Bracelet Ticklets Red

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AtlanTick Lava Bead Bracelet Ticklets Red

Each Ticklet is adjustable, so you can customize it for a perfect fit. Due to its porous state, lava stone is great at holding liquid, and in the case of our Ticklet line, is well suited to absorb AtlanTick Outdoor Spray. Atlantick has carefully selected extremely porous lava beads to allow for maximum spray absorption, and therefore the longest lasting scent retention. Product testing has shown that lava stone Ticklets, sprayed with AtlanTick Outdoor Spray, effectively maintain the scent for up to two days.


These porous Lava Bead Ticklets come in two sizes and are considerably adjustable, allowing for custom individualized fit.

  • The small extends from a minimum 13 cm circumference to a maximum 26 cm circumference,
  • The large extends from a minimum 15 cm circumference to maximum 30 cm circumference.


Lava Stone


Ticklet comes in earthy red along with the black volcanic lava beads.