Amoena Romantic Downtown Swim Panty

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Amoena Romantic Downtown Swim Panty

Looking for a swimsuit to impress that special someone? The Amoena Romantic Downtown Swim Panty is designed for just that. Amoena’s mission is to support women in feeling confident after breast surgery. To accomplish this, they offer a diverse range of mastectomy swimwear that provides support and helps you feel good about your body. All of their swimsuits are comprised of Nylon and XTRA LIFE™ LYCRA® for a perfect fit, and long-lasting comfort.

Having choices is great! The Amoena Romantic Downtown Swim Panty, features a romantic retro polka dot design on one side or the solid color on the other and is fully reversible. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll be the star of the show when you wear these swim-bottoms to the pool or beach.

Mastectomy Swimwear Features


One of the more important things to know about Amoena swim-bottoms is that they’re made of completely recycled material. This material is comprised of an 80-20 blend of Nylon and XTRA LIFE™ LYCRA®. The type of Lycra they use is special because it lasts much longer than your traditional spandex, and helps block out UV rays. Additionally, because of its flexibility there’s a size for anybody that looks and feels good.

Reversible Swim Bottom

Get two different looks for the price of one! Instead of having to make the difficult choice between an attractive design or something subtle, the Amoena Romantic Downtown Swim Panty gives you options. Take your Romantic Downtown Swim Panty to any beach or pool without having to make a difficult choice.

Make a splash Amoena Romantic Downtown Swim Panty.

Swim Underwear Benefits

  • Reversible allowing for different looks in any situation
  • 80% Nylon, 20% XTRA LIFE™ LYCRA® lasts up to 10x longer than other spandex
  • Comes in a brilliant Hibiscus red or black, with polka-dots on reversed side

Available Colors

The Amoena Romantic Downtown Swim Panty is currently available in two different colors and the storytelling behind the retro polka-dot design is incredibly unique. At this time, you can purchase this swim panty in either a captivating “Hibiscus” red or black with white polka dots on their respected side.

Did you know that flowers can have meanings? Hibiscus flower happens to have its very own meaning depending on its color! A red hibiscus flower represents love and passion, and white represents female

energy and empowerment. Together, the colors of the Amoena Romantic swim panty tell a story of ambition and confidence, making it perfectly fitting for its name.