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Aeryon Wellness Lady Bits 50mL

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Aeryon Wellness Lady Bits 50mL

Vaginal dryness, is not something we would think we ever have an issue with, but as we age, our oestrogen levels begin to decline. This can create vaginal and vulva dryness and often lead to yeast infections and discomfort.

When we looked on the market most products were 85% water with preservative list we could not pronounce which is why Lady bits vulva and vaginal moisturizer was born.

Aeryon Wellness Lady Bits Features

Lady Bits is 100%

  • all natural
  • vegan
  • cruelty free
  • none paraben
  • gluten free
  • condom safe
  • non sticky
  • fast absorbing
  • hypoallergenic
  • made for women by women.

Ingredients Details

The main ingredient in this incredible hydrating formula is aloe, vera gel, which is known for its soothing nature next we have flaxseed oil, which is rich and high omega 3’s that can help maintain the skins integrity in hydration, plus its anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for soothing, irritated and sensitive skin.

MCT is added to create a silky, smooth texture, then xanthan gum is the thickening agent to give it viscosity and provide a desirable consistency, vitamin E as an antioxidant, to protect the delicate skin of the vaginal area, grapefruit seed extract, which primarily is used for anti-microbial properties. Then castor oil which is known for moisturizing properties, and a valuable addition to a menopausal lubricant.

GLA was added to help retain moisture. Hyaluronic Acid was added for its exceptional long-lasting hydration. Lastly, zinc, which is not traditionally used in lubricants, but this inclusion can potentially help maintain skin health.

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