4Ocean Sea Star Bracelet - Green/Yellow/Light Orange

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4Ocean Sea Star Bracelet - Green/Yellow/Light Orange

Under the ocean's waves, in a world that basks in shimmering iridescence and vibrant marine colors, resides the Sea Star, a strange yet beautiful sea creature that can be found in all 4 of the world's oceans.

Sea stars come in a large swath of colors. While they mostly come in vibrant oranges and brilliant yellows, their colors make up the entire light spectrum. Even more incredible, sea stars are capable of changing their hues to camouflage with their surroundings.

The 4Ocean Sea Star Unisex Bracelet serves as an homage to these awe-inspiring animals. This bracelet features the 4Ocean insignia charm, a woven braid of brilliant yellow, chartreuse green, and tangerine orange chords, and a luminous ring of pearlescent glass beads; made using recycled materials recovered from oceans and shorelines.

With its dazzling array of vivid colors and positive impact on the planet, this gorgeously hand-crafted bracelet embodies the spirit of the sea star. Wear Four Ocean Bracelets proudly.

Bracelet Features

  • Unisex, waterproof design
  • Adjustable from 2” to 5” in diameter
  • Stainless steel 4ocean charm
  • Hand assembled in Bali
  • Made from recovered and recycled plastics and glass

4Ocean is dedicated to saving the earth’s oceans, one bracelet at a time

For each bracelet purchased, 4Ocean captains and crew members will recover one pound of plastic from the ocean as part of 4Ocean’s One Pound Promise! Since 2017, 4Ocean has pulled over sixteen million pounds of plastic from around the world’s oceans.

But there’s more to be done. Every year, an estimated sixteen billion pounds of plastic ends up in the ocean, often after only a single use. Humanity’s plastic dumping practices have had drastic consequences on marine ecosystems that will only worsen unless we act now.

Sea stars are known to have been ingesting microplastics for at least 40 years, which is incredibly harmful to these animals and could threaten the existence of sea star species across the globe.

Heal Our Oceans with 4 Ocean Bracelets

Be part of the 4Ocean story and help fight the plastic pollutant emergency so that our coastal and ocean wildlife can start to heal – just by purchasing a bracelet! This eco-friendly bracelet represents your commitment to the clean ocean movement.

By purchasing you are directly contributing to the removal of plastics from the ecosystem, and the plastics you helped recover will be used to produce 4Ocean products as part of a concerted effort towards a closed loop process, a production model that sees new products being developed entirely from recovered and recycled material.

From the moment they’re pulled out of the ocean, every pound of plastic is tracked through 4Ocean production lines, setting an industry standard for responsibility and accountability of materials that is vital to implement if we wish to maintain the sustainability of earth’s ecosystems.

All it takes is one 4Ocean Sea Star bracelet to make a difference

By choosing 4Ocean, you will be helping fund various programs and contributing to sustainable goals. Each bracelet has the benefit of:

  • Removing one pound of plastic removed from the ocean
  • Funding living wages for 4Ocean Balinese artisans
  • Growing the movement to a more sustainable planet
  • Funding Certified B Corporations
  • Funding 4Ocean education and research programs for advocacy and awareness
  • Helping develop cutting edge cleanup technology

4Ocean believes in the power of individuals to make a lasting, positive impact. Be part of the change today.

Keep Our Planet Healthy

Every time you wear this bracelet, you're sending a message of love to the planet. It's made from recycled materials, so you can feel good knowing that you're helping save our oceans. Plus, it's eco-friendly and sustainable, so you can feel good knowing that you're doing your part to help keep our planet healthy.