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With the research work of two-time Nobel Prize winning Dr. Linus Pauling as his basis, Dr. W. Gifford-Jones has written about the health benefits of Vitamin C for decades. He interviewed Pauling decades ago, was convinced by the scientific evidence, and has always advocated for Vitamin C’s health benefits. But a heart attack at age 75 served as a catalyst for taking much higher daily doses. His doctors advised him to take cholesterol-lowering drugs. They added, if he didn’t do so, he would be dead in a year. Instead, Dr. W. Gifford-Jones looked to the natural solution offered by Vitamin C.

Natural medicine is a hallmark of his philosophy for a long, healthy life. Where there is a natural remedy, it is his preferred approach. He has never been a fan of the medical establishment, which he argues has too often gotten too close to the big pharma industry.

Dr. W. Gifford-Jones is a fighter for the causes he believes in. He has taken a stand on many controversial issues – often fighting for progressive causes such as the right of a woman to an abortion, the use of heroin for terminal cancer pain management, and medical assistance in dying.

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