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Their story began back in 2007 with a savvy team of self-tan addicts. They knew exactly what they wanted – a salon-professional formula, innovative, cruelty-free ingredients and an affordable price tag. Soon after St. Moriz launched, a beauty expert shared one of their lush products on social media. It quickly received 1,000,000+ hits, and people all around the world grew obsessed with their glow. St. Moriz salon-professional formulation gives you a sun-kissed finish, plus skin conditioners like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. You can upgrade your style with their Advanced Pro Formula, that includes a mood-enhancing fragrance and rich moisturizers for healthier skin and a longer-lasting glow. St. Moriz products are clean, vegan-friendly, non-toxic and cruelty free. They are made in England, and are also stocked worldwide – in over 35 countries, with multiple awards on their mantel piece. Impressive, right? They have come a long way since their original capsule collection. Today, St. Moriz offers an extensive range of products to suit all skin types and tones. Together, they support #TanTribes’ entire journey, while catering to different budgets and occasions.

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