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Opened in 1981 in Neal’s Yard, a once-forgotten corner of London, Neal's Yard Remedies has been guided by a passionate belief in natural beauty over the 30 years since its inception. The brand's commitment to natural, not synthetic, beauty has been at the core of its business. Embracing values of nature, honesty, and transparency, Neal's Yard Remedies emphasizes your right to know the ingredients in the products you purchase. The vision from the beginning was to bring the apothecary's expertise and a holistic approach to health and beauty to people and communities.

Customer Neal's Yard Remedies favourites include Neal's Yard Deodorant, Neal's Yard Beauty Balm and Neal's Yard Eye Cream.

In an era where awareness and interest in natural remedies, as well as skin and body care, are on the rise, Neal's Yard Remedies has been a trailblazer. When the brand first opened, it stood among the few advocating for a departure from the synthetic chemical approach prevalent in much of the industry.

Neal's Yard Remedies Canada continues its founder's dedication to discovering and delivering natural ways to enhance health and wellbeing through exceptional natural and organic skin and body care products. 

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