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BD Luer Lok 3ml Syringe - Box of 200 -
BD Luer Lok 3ml Syringe - Box of 200
$34.95 $40.00
BD Alcohol Swabs 100 swabs
BD Alcohol Swabs 100 swabs
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BD Medical stands as a pioneering force in the healthcare industry, providing innovative medical devices and solutions that empower healthcare professionals worldwide. With a rich legacy of excellence spanning decades, BD Medical continues to lead the way in advancing patient care through cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to quality. From state-of-the-art syringes and infusion systems to advanced diagnostic tools and patient monitoring devices, BD Medical's comprehensive portfolio caters to a wide range of medical needs with precision and reliability. Trusted by clinicians and caregivers alike, BD Medical remains dedicated to driving innovation and improving healthcare outcomes for all. Explore the extensive range of BD Medical products and experience the difference they make in shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

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