Sugar Crash After Halloween? Here Are 5 Tips

Oct 02, 2022Contributing Editor

Halloween hauls can cause a rush of sugar into your body, but after the initial spike, you are more than likely fighting to keep your eyes open. Here are our 5 tips to help you fight off a sugar crash.

Halloween is a favourite holiday for many because it is easy to get your hands on some sweets. However, this mass consumption may lead to negative side effects. Here we have compiled some tips to mitigate some of the negative effects of a sugar crash. Keep reading to learn more.


How to avoid a hard sugar crash

Because avoiding sugar altogether can be difficult, here are some top-notch tips for managing the times when you're more likely to indulge in sugary treats (like Halloween).


1. Plan ahead


Plan ahead and limit your sugar intake. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of Halloween and indulge in too many candies, but it's important to be mindful of your sugar intake. Try to limit your sugar intake throughout the day and save them for later in the evening or as a special treat once a week.


2. Exercise to help burn it off


Instead of lying on the couch waiting for your sugar crash to end, you can give your body a hand by moving around to burn off excess glucose.

Don't overindulge in sweets. Additionally, you may also want to consider consuming protein after a workout for the maintenance of good health.

Please note that certain protein powders may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label and consult a healthcare professional for more information.


3. Choose an alternative


Choose candy alternatives. Instead of reaching for sugary candies, opt for alternatives like dried fruit, nuts, or even a small piece of dark chocolate. These options can be lower in sugar and provide a more sustained source of energy.


4. Stay hydrated to flush your system


Water helps wash out the sugar from your bloodstream by accelerating the filtration through the kidneys.

After satisfying your sweet cravings, go for a cup of tea. Consuming enough liquids is also important to contribute to the feeling of fullness to help reduce the chances of overindulging.


5. Change your sugar consumption habits


This last tip is actually the first one that you should try. Control of your sugar crash starts with how much sugar you consume. Practice moderation by limiting yourself to only one small candy and resisting the urge to reach for the next one. Try only to consume these sugary treats after you have a meal rich in protein and healthy fats to help reduce continued snacking.


Closing Thoughts

While candies and sweets are undoubtedly tasty, it is important to always look to practice moderation. Especially during a time of excess like Halloween, it is a good idea to try and practice self-control and live a healthy lifestyle.





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