School Lunches, Hot Dinners and Pasta Season Again!

Sep 06, 2022Contributing Editor

Our friends at Kaslo Sourdough are sharing their favourite back-to-school meal ideas for kids! Perfect for busy parents who are looking for easy and nutritious options.

At Kaslo Sourdough, we love the warmth that a great sourdough pasta dish can give on a cool September day. And with the kids heading back into classrooms, it’s the perfect time to talk healthy meals for your hard-at-work learners!

Our suggestions come from a wander through our many delicious recipes where we picked a few favourites and are mindful that not every school comes equipped with a microwave. So, we’ve got you covered with a variety and suggestions for school lunches or hot dinners.

Fueling Your Active Kiddo

Is your kid on the hockey, badminton, and track or field teams this year? They are going to need a lot of healthy calories to help give them energy for all their activities!

We suggest a portion of our classic chicken alfredo to make sure they have a portion of protein for growing muscles and calories that will go the distance. This could be followed with our vegan tempeh marinara spaghetti (because not all protein needs to come from animals!). Making sure protein is in each meal will help sustain them through their busy activities until the next meal.


Supporting Your Creative Kiddos

Do you have a budding mathematician or musical genius in your life? They, too, will need energy to help their noggins grow and to learn those patterns and calculations. We suggest our harvest pasta with roasted root veggies to include some vegetables. It’s also possible the many colours in this dish will help inspire something clever!

Similarly, our bacon, brussels sprouts and butternut squash pasta might inspire a discussion about fractions.


For Your Almost-Adult High Schooler

How does that saying go? Give someone a fish, and they will eat for a day. Teach someone to fish, and they will eat for a lifetime. Well, we think of cooking that way. Plus, it can save a lot of money to cook your dishes instead of relying on takeout and restaurants.

Cooking is also something that takes time to learn! Practice practice practice. So we have identified a couple of simple recipes that your almost-adult teenager can start to learn if they haven’t already.

  1. The one-pot hamburger helper. This one truly only needs one pot, and not too much time. Gotta start somewhere. And this one will be a good start for learning about timing.
  2. Our Sourdough Skillet Mac n Cheese needs two pots to start: one for boiling the pasta and the other for getting the sauce together. A third in the oven gives this baked dish its best flavours.
  3. Our creamy carbonara brings the best of salt and savoury together – salty bacon and a creamy cheese sauce for the comfort of the home they will long for when they are out of the house. And, with this dish, they’ll be part way to learning skills to host a tasty brunch for friends.

Explore Kaslo Sourdough Pasta here.

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