How to Spring Clean Your Home in 7 Easy Steps

Feb 22, 2022Contributing Editor

Learn exactly how to deep clean your home and declutter your belongings this spring cleaning season!

It’s important to regularly deep clean your living space, which is why we have gathered a few tips that can help make spring cleaning easier (and more fun).

These tips will not only walk you through a foolproof spring cleaning plan, but they’ll also ensure that you’re preventing any buildup of germs and bacteria which can be harmful towards the health of you and your family.

With everything going on in the world right now, there’s no better time to give your home a good deep clean.

Let’s get started!


Things To Do Before The Spring Clean

Gather all your cleaning essentials


The first and foremost task is to gather up all the cleaning supplies you’ll need to fully clean your home. Don’t forget to stock up on disinfectant sprays and cloths.

You can check out our full selection of cleaning supplies here.


Create an action plan


Take a bird’s eye view of your entire place and note down the estimated time every area of the house will take. Try your best to stick to the schedule you’ve created to make sure you get everything done in a timely manner.

Now that you’re all prepared, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty.


How to Spring Clean Your Home in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get some fresh air flowing

Air is a natural deodorant, so open up all the windows before you start purging and keep them open for a few hours after you finish cleaning. This will prevent dust from accumulating in the house and causing allergies.

You can further freshen up the air in your home by using a diffuser and some cleansing essential oils.


Step 2: Clear the cobwebs from your ceiling

Area by area, clean the ceiling of your entire place first. It’s a good idea to go from top to bottom so that the floor collects all the dust, which should be cleaned at the end of the process.

Take a cobweb brush (or any long object) and dust the cobwebs from every corner of your house, including the bathrooms, dressing room, hallways, porch, kitchen, and bedrooms.

During this process, don’t forget to dust the bulb holders, ceiling fans, and walls of the house.



Step 3: Freshen up your entrance area

The entrance to your home should always be warm and welcoming. Start cleaning this area by wiping the front windows, door, and the walls with a surface cleaner. Additionally, you can also dust the grills and remove any cobwebs and stains if present.

You can finish off by trimming the plants and maybe even getting a brand new doormat.



Step 4: Deep clean your kitchen

Unsurprisingly, the kitchen will perhaps take most of your time. The areas between the stove and the exhaust hood, the brownish place near your taps, and the area beneath the kitchen sink are typically the grubbiest areas. Moreover, the place near the handles of the cabinet would also require thorough cleaning.

To begin with, dust the entire kitchen with a dry cloth. Scrub all the stains by pouring drops of vinegar mixed with salt. Don’t forget to scrub oily stains and above mentioned greasy and sticky areas.

After this step, use a natural all-purpose cleaner and scrub the grimy parts once again.

Then, you’ll want to:

  • Declutter all the cabinets
  • Throw out the expired food items and worn out dishes
  • Wash dishcloths
  • And, set everything back in its place

That wasn’t too bad, right?



Step 5: Clean and organize your bathroom

Start by wiping down the cabinets, taps, toilet, and bathtub with a natural bathroom cleaner. Pay extra attention to any areas that need a deeper clean, such as behind the toilet and the corners of the tub.

You’ll also want to give the mirrors a good wipe so that they are clear and mark-free. You can use a streak-free cloth to get this done effortlessly.

Now’s also a perfect time to empty out your bathroom drawer and get rid of anything old or unused. After doing so, you can reorganize everything so that it is easily accessible.


Step 6: Declutter your living room

The cluttered areas should be settled first and foremost. Go through these areas and get rid of anything that you don’t use or need anymore. Then, you can set the furniture aside and vacuum the place.

You’ll also want to use a microfiber brush to dust all the items.


Step 7: Clean all the bedrooms in your home

Lastly, it’s time to give any bedrooms in your house some attention. You can start this process by stripping down all the bed sheets and pillowcases and throwing them in the wash.

Pro tip: Mix a couple of drops of lemon essential oil with your laundry detergent to give your sheets a fresh scent and a deeper clean.

(Please note that certain essential oils may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label and consult a healthcare professional for more information.)

While the wash is going, vacuum the floors and clear out any clutter. You might also want to go through your closet and donate any clothes you no longer wear. Clean any surfaces with disinfecting wipes and dust down any areas that need it.

Finally, once your bedsheets are dry, you can make the beds and do any final touches.



Closing Thoughts

We hope you found this spring cleaning guide helpful.

Feel free to leave a comment below letting us know your favourite spring cleaning tip!

P.S. Check out all of our spring cleaning supplies here!

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