Healthy Snacking While Living with Diabetes

Mar 31, 2021Contributing Editor

These cookies are the perfect bite-sized snack, low in sugar and a tasty keto treat. Learn more in this blog post, written by our friends over at Organika.

I am a snacker and I love finding healthy snacking options that won’t drastically increase my blood sugar levels and will keep me full so I’m not starving by dinner-time. I know many people believe that snacking isn’t a great thing, especially now that we’re at home often and picking up a bag of chips is more convenient than ever.


Living With Diabetes & Healthy Snacking


As someone who is the primary caregiver of my grandma (who lives with diabetes), it can get challenging to find healthy snack options that we can both enjoy. I often put together low-sugar snacks (like veggies and hummus) at home or grab something that will keep us full, give our bodies nutrients, and is packed full of flavour!

Healthier snacking options don’t always have to equal not-so-delicious foods! I know it’s not always easy to combine nutrition and taste when hunting for a snack and it can be even harder to find a product that incorporates both, so I was very excited to try out Organika’s FÄV Keto Mini Cookies!


Low-Sugar Snacks For the Whole Family


Being a caretaker to someone who lives with diabetes, it has made me consider the effects of what I eat or drink more than ever before. Having optimal energy through the foods I eat, being productive throughout the day, being motivated in my work, and having a healthy mindset are all extremely significant to me.

I knew as soon as I tried one of these keto cookies that my healthy snack hunt was over. These delicious cookies are:

  • Gluten-free & dairy-free
  • Packed with 11-12g of healthy proteins (per pack of 90g)
  • Made with simple ingredients
  • Keto-friendly with only 1g of sugar (per 30g)

Organika’s FÄV Keto Mini Cookies are also an excellent way to get some extra collagen.


Summing It Up

These cookies are the perfect bite-size snack, low in sugar and a tasty keto treat. As they are made with almonds and coconut flour, they offer a source of healthy fats and clean protein in every soft bite.

These small but mighty cookies are sure to keep us full by satisfying our hunger and fueling our bodies for longer! Organika’s FÄV Keto Mini Cookies are made with simple ingredients and I love the fact that my grandma (who lives with diabetes and can’t indulge in sweet treats) can also enjoy these healthy snacks!

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