8 Healthy Infused Water Recipes to Try This Summer

Apr 21, 2021Contributing Editor

Staying hydrated is a challenge, to say the least. But not anymore. These 8 infused water recipes will have you drinking more water than ever before!

If you struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, you're not alone. It can be tricky to stay hydrated, especially if you aren't a fan of plain old water.

If that sounds like you, then you'll find this post useful. We will be sharing 8 healthy infused water recipes that will make getting your 8 cups a day seem like a breeze!

Let's dive into it!


8 Healthy Infused Water Recipes

There is no doubt that water is the healthiest beverage that you can drink. It's recommended that you consume at least eight glasses of water a day. The good news is that it is possible to flavour your water without adding any additional artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Here are some easy flavoured water recipes you can use daily to keep you hydrated.


1. Chlorophyll Water Recipe


The latest health craze is without a doubt, chlorophyll water. We have to agree, the benefits are great.

To make chlorophyll water, add 1 tbsp of Liquid Greens Chlorophyll to your glass of water 2-3 times daily.


2. Lemon Water Recipe


While lemon is the most common way to make homemade flavoured water, all citrus fruits also work great for this recipe. Try opting for a lime, orange, or even grapefruit for a refreshing flavour.

To make citrus-flavoured water at home, simply slice your desired fruit into a circle or wedge, and squeeze it into your water. You can leave the slices or wedges in your water for added flavour, or you compost them.


3. Tea Water Recipe


Most people associate tea with hot water – however, you can also drink it cold.

To prepare homemade tea-flavoured water or iced tea, prepare your tea as you normally would. This means, bring the water to a boil and then let your tea steep for three to five minutes. Once the tea has steeped, put it into the refrigerator to cool. Steeping your tea in hot water, as opposed to steeping it in cold water, lets the hot water draw out the flavour and nutrients from the tea. Unfortunately, cold water won’t do the same thing.

You can experiment with different types of teas, like green, black, white, oolong, and other herbal varieties.


4. Cucumber Water Recipe


A common way that spas add a little extra spark to their water is by flavouring it with cucumber.

You can make your homemade cucumber-flavoured water by adding thinly cut slices of cucumber to your pitcher of water.


5. Ginger Water Recipe


Ginger is known to have many health benefits. Pair this root with water and you’ll be unstoppable!

To make homemade ginger-flavoured water, thinly slice or grate ginger into a jug of water. You can also add a teaspoon of powdered ginger to your water. Since ginger has a strong taste, it is best to start with small amounts of the root in your water so that you don’t become overwhelmed by the taste.


6. Mint Water Recipe


A cool, refreshing way to jazz up your water is with mint. Mint will not only add the desired flavour that you are looking for with water, but it also has a variety of health benefits.

To make your mint-infused water, crush or break apart mint leaves and add to your water for a refreshing flavour that will leave your breath minty. Lemon also makes a great addition to this recipe!


7. Berry Water Recipe


An easy way to add flavour to your water is by adding berries to your glass or pitcher. You can opt for strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries – any type of berry for a sweetened taste.

To make your berry-infused water, squeeze whole pieces of your favourite berries into your water. For a heavier flavour, you can add chunks of these fruits directly into your glass or pitcher and let them “steep.”


8. Lemongrass Water Recipe


Lemongrass may seem like an unusual spice to add to water, but it's one of our faves!

To make lemongrass-flavoured water at home, bring lemongrass stalks to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for one and a half hours. Once cooled, pour into a pitcher and refrigerate. Pour from this pitcher whenever you want to fill your cup. It can be served chilled with ice cubes or you can warm and drink it hot.


Closing Thoughts

Making water fun to drink is easy. Especially with these 8 delicious infused water recipes.

Now, we want to hear from you! Which infused water recipe are you going to try first?

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