Are Organic Spices and Seasonings Worth the Money?

Sep 15, 2022Contributing Editor

One of the most important parts of every meal is seasoning. While fresh ingredients are key, organic spices help bring everything together. Not only are they natural, but they will take your meals to the next level.

Exploring your kitchen cabinets may expose the chaos of herbs and spices used in many of your culinary masterpieces and failures. When cooking, you may only reach for the basics: salt and pepper. However, as you experiment with new and healthy recipes, the seasoning options only get bigger.

If you've ever wondered if organic spices and seasonings are worth the money, we're here to help. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of choosing to fill your spice cabinet with organic options.


Are Organic Spices and Seasonings Worth the Money?

Have you ever asked yourself, "What's the difference between organic and non-organic spices?"

Let's take a closer look.




We don't often think of salt as part of the organic spices family, but let's start there. Salt is a simple compound of sodium chloride, but the actual product you buy in stores does not just consist of this simple compound.

Table salt is normally mined from salt mines, which were originally deposits left from seawater, using bulldozers.

The salt is then refined using energy-intensive processes, stripping the salt of many of its natural minerals. Anti-caking and bleaching agents are added to create a more desirable and less nutritious product.

On the other hand, natural organic sea salt is harvested from salt deposits and isn't refined, so it includes many beneficial minerals. These include magnesium, calcium, potassium, and trace elements such as iron, zinc, and manganese.

Typically, the taste of different types of salt is very similar, so why not go for the healthier option?


Seasoning Mixes


Few seasoning brands inspire confidence more than the unique and delicious seasonings from Flavor God. For those who have not heard about this popular seasoning brand, they create mouth-watering seasoning blends from herbs and spices that help minimize your salt intake.

The company's founder spent endless hours creating unique flavour profiles like PizzaTaco TuesdayRanch, and even Chocolate Donut for your sweet cravings.



Flavor God mixes offer a healthier option than most of the mixes you find on store shelves. This is truly a great organic spices option.

Due to the necessity of a longer shelf-life, the conventional products you usually find in stores are filled with preservatives and anti-caking agents.

On the other hand, Flavor God seasoning mixes are made fresh to order, which means that the herbs and spices are packaged and sent straight to you. As a bonus, the mixtures have a low salt content (25-40 milligrams per ¼ teaspoon), as the blends rely on natural herbs and spices for flavour, not an excess of salt.

We especially like using their Himalayan Salt and Pink Peppercorn seasoning (the only mix with a higher salt content) on red meats and the Pizza seasoning instead of butter to sprinkle on popcorn.


Individual Spices


If experimentation is more up your aisle, stay away from the store seasoning aisle and look into Simply Organic 100% certified organic herbs and spices instead.

Conventional packaged spices are combined with anti-caking agents and preservatives to extend the shelf life, reducing the benefits you can get from consuming their organic counterparts.

With a wide range of seasonings that are not only organic but sustainably and ethically harvested, you can feel good about getting quality seasonings for your body and the environment.

Here are just a few of the popular spices we carry:


Final Thoughts

Spices that have been sitting on a shelf for a long time lose their nutritional value, which is why organic spices are the way to go. Think of spices as more concentrated vegetables, with almost every spice having its own nutritional value. If you buy your vegetables organically, why not consider purchasing organic spices and seasonings as well?




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