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Veil Cosmetics Sunset Skin Foundation 30 ml

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Veil Cosmetics Sunset Skin Foundation 30 ml

Veil Cosmetics Sunset Skin Foundation 30 ml

A multi-purpose, lightweight liquid concealer that blends seamlessly with your skin to quickly hide under-eye and facial issues.

Oil-Free Concealer

This uplifting buildable concealer with white water lily extract and peptides melts into your skin and hides faults including exhaustion, redness, pimples, rosacea, broken capillaries, and dullness. There's no need for powder because it's oil-free.

This isn't cosmetics. Veil, Veil, Veil, Veil, Veil, Veil, Veil,

Finish is buildable from sheer to medium. All skin types are welcome.

As a Concealer

To naturally veil up redness, dark spots, exhaustion, blemishes, and create a smooth, even complexion, choose a hue that best matches your natural skin tone. The Complexion Fix product is self-setting, so there's no need for powder.

As a Corrector

To offset excessive dark circles and black sunspots, choose a full shade darker than your skin tone. To brighten up, apply your Complexion Fix Highlighter after it has been blended and smoothed.

As a Highlighter

Water-based, shimmer-free emulsion that blends in with your skin to make it look vibrant and youthful. Choose a tint that is a full shade lighter than your skin tone or concealer.

More Info

Fix for Veil Complexion Concealer was first introduced in the fall of 2012 as Veil Illuminating Complexion Fix for the face and eyes, and it instantly became a hit with professional makeup artists. It is still holding its own in the crowded beauty field, often referred to as the best natural looking concealer and best oil free concealer. It is realized that when you buy concealer, you're searching for a must-have cosmetic product that will help you look your best first thing in the morning, before you leave the house, as a mid-day touch-up, or to help you transition from day to night. Complexion Fix is portable and follows you everywhere you go, which is one of the many reasons there is over a million satisfied customers to date. Stop looking because you've found the natural concealer you've been seeking for.

If you're seeking for makeup to hide your flaws, skip to the next section. Veil is on a mission  to make you fall in love with your skin all over again, and it all starts with lightweight, breathable complexion products.

Sébastien Tardif, a long-time celebrity makeup artist, founded Veil Cosmetics after hearing from his many high-profile customers about their desire for makeup that enhanced rather than concealed their complexion. Tardif, never one to disappoint, created the tool that took “natural-looking” to the next level—Veil Cosmetics' first product, the Complexion Fix Concealer, became Tardif's "magic wand" in his toolkit, instantly erasing redness, blemishes, eye fatigue, and dark spots to achieve that highly-coveted, lightly-veiled look.

Tardif's considerable expertise as a professional makeup artist, combined with his passion for beautiful, healthy-looking skin, inspired the Veil Cosmetics complexion line a few years later. Veil is obsessed with the no-makeup makeup look at Veil, and Veil is  confident that the  selection of vegan, cruelty-free, featherweight products will help you achieve it with ease.