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Vital Therapy Soft Beaded Jump Rope - Pink

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Vital Therapy Soft Beaded Jump Rope - Pink

For jump rope enthusiasts, choosing the right rope can make a huge difference in terms of your overall jumping experience. Ropes come in a variety of materials and weights, each with its own pros and cons. For beginners, the Vital Therapy Soft Beaded Jump Rope is a great option because it's soft and lightweight, making it easy to learn the correct form and technique. Plus, the soft beads make it comfortable to grip, even when your hands are sweaty.

Soft, flexible beads add a bit of weight to the rope, helping the jumper learn more advanced skills without having to worry about losing control. The soft beads also provide precise control of movement and rope mechanics, making it easier for the jumper to learn. The short SX handle allows for easy and quick transitions between skills, making this tool an essential part of any jumper’s arsenal.

Features Vital Therapy Soft Beaded Jump Rope

  • Perfectly weighted
  • Ideal for next-level athletes, beginners, kids, etc.
  • Used by schools, teams, clubs, and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Adjustable to the desired length
  • The increased handle length + soft beads give an extra bit of weight to the rope and allow jumpers to learn more advanced skills quite easily as they have precise control of movement and rope mechanics.
  • Easy grip, smooth in turning, and precise control
  • Perfect to do tricks and crisscrossing
  • Gives extra resistance for heavy workouts
  • Expert's choice for learning tricks and releases

Design and Benefits of Vital beaded jump rope

Most fitness ropes are made from a hard material, such as metal or plastic. This can make it difficult to work out properly because the ropes are too stiff, and you cannot feel the resistance when you are doing your exercises. The Black Lime heavy workout rope is different because it is made from a softer material, which makes it more resistant to wear and tear. This means that you can work harder and longer, without getting tired or injured.

The Vital Therapy Soft Beaded Jump Rope is designed with an easy grip and smooth turning to provide precise control. The rope is made from soft, durable materials that are safe for both children and adults to use. The jump rope is perfect for beginners who are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable option.

Specifications Vital Therapy Soft Beaded Jump Rope

  • Handle + bamboo PP + white rope, ABS+TPU
  • Rope size 2.8 m (Personal) with handle size 19 cm
  • Various colours

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Do you want to improve your fitness and cardio? Vital Therapy Soft Beaded Jump Rope is perfect for you! This rope is made of a soft and flexible material that will allow you to move more freely and with less effort. With this rope, you can improve your stamina and coordination, while also increasing your overall strength. Vital Therapy Soft Beaded Jump Rope is the perfect way to get fit!