Ty Beanie Boos Kiki Grey Striped Cat

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Ty Beanie Boos Kiki Grey Striped Cat

This super cute, stylish Ty Kiki Beanie Boo kitty loves cuddles and is looking for a new best friend. If you make the cut she’ll snuggle and play all day if you let her! And don’t worry, your skin won’t get irritated from her, she’s made with super soft silk fabric. So, snuggle up with this purrfect little kitty cat!

Kiki Beanie Boo Features:

  • Grey plush cat with tabby stripes and pink bow
  • Super soft Ty silk fabric
  • Sparkling pink glitter eyes
  • Textured sparkle accents
  • Bright expression cheers your day
  • Perfect for tabby cat lovers
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • Medium 33cm x 21.5cm x 12.5cm
  • Large 16 inches

Ty Kiki Cat Birthday and Poem

August 16th My friends all call me kitty kitty, Because they say I'm so pretty pretty!

Brighten Your Day

When you’re not feeling your best, this Ty Kiki cat is there to help cheer you up. Her size combined with her super soft silk material makes her the perfect cuddle-buddy! But if you aren’t feeling snuggly her bright smile, glittery accents, and shiny bow are sure to help lift your mood, even from across the room.

Favourite Companion

This Kiki Beanie Boo is 33 cm long, making her the perfect size for cuddles and adventures. You can pet and play with her super soft striped fur or bring her along for all your adventures. Don’t worry about losing her, either, she’s big enough she shouldn’t easily get misplaced while you play. 

Ty Kiki Beanie Boo

Become the best of friends instantly with this Kiki Beanie Boo. She has an official Ty Heart that tells you her birthday and has a short poem. This can help you connect because you have a better idea of who she is and what you two have in common!

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