Bambu Give it a Rest Spatula 1 Count

SKU: BBU-1010-001 UPC: 871853002158



USDA certified organic bamboo and finished with a certified organic food-safe oil.

Bambu Give it a Rest Spatula

The ‘Give It a Rest’ spatula is lovingly crafted from a single piece of Certified Organic bamboo, with a small, patented bump on the back – a natural characteristic of how bamboo grows. The bump keeps the business end of your spatula from touching counters and stovetops, while the satiny, hand-shaped spoon neither imparts nor absorbs flavors. All 12 inches of it are scratchless and gentle, so you don’t have to worry about marring cooking surfaces. It washes up easy in warm, soapy water.

The ‘Give It a Rest’ spatula is the ultimate answer to the question of where to put it, so you never have to ask again. Check out our other bamboo kitchen favorites. Bambu line of ‘Give It A Rest’ utensils features the three most used and loved kitchen tools.


  • Lightweight and stronger than wood.
  • Naturally stain-Resistant and anti-microbial.
  • Natural food-safe oil finish.
  • Hand wash for longer life.
  • Bambu recommend Bamboo Goo to keep your bamboo beautiful for years.


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