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Swimwear products are designed for swimming and other water activities, often balancing comfort, style, and sun protection. Here's a breakdown of different types of swimwear using your keywords:

Swimwear for Women:

  • Bikini: A two-piece swimsuit consisting of a bra top and separate bottoms. Bikinis come in a wide variety of styles, from skimpy to full-coverage.
  • Swimsuit: A general term for any garment worn for swimming.
  • One-piece: A one-piece swimsuit covers the torso and legs in one piece. One-pieces come in a variety of styles, from sporty to classic.
  • Tankini: A two-piece swimsuit with a tankini top that covers the torso more than a bikini top and bottoms similar to a bikini.
  • Monokini: A one-piece swimsuit with a cut-out section between the chest and the bottoms.
  • Swim dress: A one-piece swimsuit that resembles a dress, often with a skirt.
  • Swim leggings: Leggings made from swimsuit material, often worn for swimming or water activities.
  • Swim skirt: A skirt made from swimsuit material, often paired with a swim top.
  • Swim tops: The top portion of a two-piece swimsuit, available in various styles like halter, bandeau, triangle, etc.
  • Swim bottoms: The bottom portion of a two-piece swimsuit, available in various styles like brief, hipster, high-waisted, etc.

Swimwear for Men:

  • Swim trunks: Loose-fitting shorts made from swimsuit material.
  • Boardshorts: Longer, looser shorts designed for surfing and other water sports.
  • Swim briefs: A brief-style swimsuit that offers more coverage than swimming trunks.

Additional Swimwear Items:

  • Rash guard: A shirt made from swimsuit material with UV protection, often used for water sports.
  • Cover-up: A loose-fitting garment worn over swimwear. Cover-ups can be dresses, shorts, pants, or shirts.
  • Beachwear/Resortwear: Clothing specifically designed for wearing at the beach or resort, which may or may not be swimwear.
  • Beach Attire: A general term for any clothing worn at the beach, which may include swimwear, cover-ups, beach towels, sandals, hats, etc.
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