Is After-Sun Care Important? Everything You Need to Know

Jul 18, 2021Contributing Editor

Are after-sun care products really that important? Read this post to find out how you can care for your skin after enjoying a hot summer day.

It's common to soak up all the glorious sunshine during the summer months, especially after a long gloomy winter. However, this excessive sun exposure can lead to sunburned skin. And sometimes, the damage can go undetected.

Thankfully, practicing proper after-sun techniques can help you care for your skin.

Keep reading to learn how to treat your skin after spending a day in the sun.


Risks of Getting a Sunburn


Sunburns occur when your skin is damaged due to overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun. Typically the damage appears within 24 hours of sun exposure.

Repeated sunburns can cause various skin issues, including dark or rough spots and wrinkled or dry skin. Furthermore, repeated sun damage could increase your risk of skin cancers such as melanoma.

It could also lead to premature ageing of the skin, called photo-ageing. This is due to changes in skin texture because of exposure to UV light. The various conditions of photo-ageing include:

  • Frail skin without elasticity
  • Wrinkled, dry, rough skin
  • Red veins more apparent near the facial area
  • Freckled face & shoulders
  • Discoloured dark spots or patches


After Sun-Care Tips

Here are 4 top tips to maintain your skin's health and appearance during the summer months.


1. Soothe Skin With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel has been known as one of the best treatments for cooling down and soothing the affected areas.

One of our favourite products is Thinksport After Sun Gel. It's an aloe vera-based moisturizer that may help you attain smooth, glowing skin, especially after excessive sun exposure.


Shop Thinksport After Sun Gel here.


2. Repair Dry and Damaged Hair

It's common to take precautions to prevent skin damage from the sun, but many people forget to protect their hair too. Your hair can get damaged from long periods of UV exposure. Likewise, these UV rays can cause discolouration, split ends, entanglement, and hair loss.

For this reason, leading dermatologists recommend serums rich in mineral silica for repairing damaged hair. Prairie Naturals Moonshine Silica Repair Serum helps minimize split ends and repair damage, giving you shiny and healthy-looking hair.




Shop Prairie Naturals Moonshine Silica Repair Serum here.


3. Reveal Fresher Looking Skin

You may be familiar with peeling skin after a sunburn, leaving discoloured marks on your body. When this happens, dead skin cells have to be removed to allow new cells to grow. For this to happen efficiently, you may choose to try exfoliating.

The Meow Meow Tweet Face Exfoliant is a gentle facial exfoliant that will help you do just that. It's made with plant-based ingredients that may help improve the texture of your skin.




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4. Moisturize After Sun Exposure

Too much sun dehydrates the skin. So it is crucial to keep it hydrated by cooling the skin and drinking lots of fluids. Often, prolonged time under the sun can leave the skin completely dry. Meaning even if you get to hydrate your body, your skin may not rejuvenate right away.

Thankfully, there are products that can help. The Aroma Crystal Therapy Gardner's Dream Cream Moisturizer is a calming moisturizer that is especially effective after getting a sunburn. With regular use, it will make your skin look radiant and healthy all summer long.



Shop Aroma Crystal Therapy Gardner's Dream Cream Moisturizer here.


Summing Up

Although catching some rays may sound like a fun time, it is important to stay sun smart. Always remember to protect yourself with sunscreen during the day and take care of your skin afterward with a proper after-sun routine.

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