How to Choose the Best Protein Powder For Your Health Goals

Nov 18, 2021Contributing Editor

Choosing the best protein powder can be complicated. That's why we created this easy-to-follow guide that will help you find the right protein supplement for your health goals.

As the world is becoming more health-conscious, the demand for protein powder is also on the rise. Although people commonly believe that only gym-goers consume protein-packed supplements to gain muscle, this belief is untrue.

Proteins are essential nutrients that serve as the building blocks for bones, muscles, and skin. Plus, they also assist in accomplishing a variety of different health goals.

For instance, one of the most important health benefits of protein powder is that it may assist in the building of lean muscle tissue/mass when combined with regular weight/resistance training and a healthy balanced diet.

Most people don't need a protein powder as they can meet their protein requirements from other sources like eggs, chicken, salmon, and beans. However, many people consistently fall short of dietary protein and therefore may want to consider a supplement to maintain daily nutritional requirements.

In this post, we'll go over how to choose the best protein powder for your unique health goals. Keep reading to learn more!


How to Choose the Best Protein Powder For Your Health Goals

Choosing the best protein powder can be difficult as many types, flavours, and brands are available. Although the ideal protein supplement varies depending on your lifestyle, there are a few factors to consider.

Based on your health goals, you can choose from among the most popular protein powder types below.

Important Note: Please note that certain protein powders may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label and consult a healthcare professional for more information.


1. Whey Protein Powder


Whey is a liquid extracted from cow's milk during cheese production. It is a high-quality protein that contains all of the essential amino acids. In addition, the human body can easily absorb and digest whey protein powder.

Kaha Nutrition New Zealand Whey Isolate is a great protein powder option. It contains no lactose, so people who are lactose intolerant can easily digest it. Additionally, it is entirely undenatured and contains no fat. It's available in three different flavours: vanilla, natural, and chocolate.



2. Plant-Based Protein Powder


If you're considering shifting to a vegan diet, plant-based protein powder may be right for you. Soy, peas, hemp, and brown rice are common ingredients in vegan protein powders. This makes it especially popular among people allergic to dairy products. Depending on the principal ingredient, each plant-based protein powder provides a certain set of advantages.

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein is made of legumes, goji berries, hemp seed, and coconut and is popular among vegans. It is ideal for pre and post-workout consumption and aids in building lean muscles when combined with regular weight/resistance training and a healthy balanced diet. Plus, this vegan protein also comes in a variety of flavours.


3. Casein Protein Powder



Casein, like whey, is a protein derived from cow's milk. It also contains all of the essential amino acids needed by the human body, making it a complete protein. Unlike whey which the body can quickly digest, casein is digested more slowly. Since amino acids do not break down fast, they keep you fuller for longer. Likewise, having casein protein powder on hand is a good idea when you know you won't be eating for a while.

When taken before or after a workout, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100 Percent Casein Protein aids in muscle recovery. It's a top seller among athletes and anyone looking to increase their protein intake.



4. All-in-One Shakes


Finally, if you want a more balanced smoothie option, all-in-one shakes are perfect! The Garden of Life All-In-One Nutritional Shake is one of the best on-the-go shakes packed with powerful nutritional properties.

It consists of organic plant-based protein, organic fibre, whole food vitamins and minerals, and is low in sugar. Thus, no matter how busy your lifestyle is, you need not compromise on your health with this all-in-one nutritional shake. In addition to offering a healthy balanced snack, it also helps build lean muscles when combined with training.


Closing Thoughts

Now that you know all the facts, it's time to choose the best protein powder for your health and wellness goals.

Check out our full selection of protein powders and nutritional shakes here.

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