Creatine Supplements: What You Need to Know

Nov 20, 2022Contributing Editor

Creatine supplements are a hot topic in the world of sports nutrition. But what is creatine, and how does it work? We've got all your answers here.

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements in the world. But how does creatine work? How much should you take? What are the risks? And where can you get it?

This article will give you all the answers you need about creatine supplements. Keep reading to learn more.


What is Creatine?

Creatine is a substance naturally present in our bodies. It may help increase body/(lean)muscle mass/size when used in conjunction with a resistance training regimen.

Creatine is not just for athletes—it's also used by many people who work out regularly and want to optimize their results.

Creatine is found naturally in foods like red meat and seafood. But since it's very popular among athletes and those who work out, creatine supplements are also available.


What Are the Benefits of Creatine?

Thousands of studies have established the benefits of creatine. It is the most widely studied supplement in history. Likewise, these studies suggest that it may help increase strength, muscle mass, power output, and performance.

Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits you can expect from creatine supplementation:


1. Increased Muscle Mass

Creatine may help increase muscle mass when taken over time when used in conjunction with a resistance training regimen. That's because creatine helps the body build and create muscle fibers.


2. Improved Workout Performance

When you exercise, your body breaks down muscle tissue to produce energy. Creatine may help you to work out longer and more intensely by increasing the energy your muscles can produce. This means you might be able to improve your strength, power, or performance in repetitive bouts of brief, highly intense physical activity.


3. Increased Energy Levels

Creatine may also help reduce fatigue by increasing the amount of energy available to your muscles during exercise. When you're tired, and you're working out, it's because your body has run out of ATP. Creatine may help replenish the ATP so you can continue exercising without feeling fatigued.


How to Take Creatine Supplements

Knowing how to take creatine supplements properly is important, especially if you haven't tried them before.

When taking creatine supplements, it's essential to follow specific guidelines for dosage. Additionally, it's important to note that creatine may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label and consult a healthcare professional for more information.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your creatine supplement:

  1. Consider trying a loading phase (i.e. a higher dosage) to increase your muscle stores of creatine. With a loading phase, you can take either 15-20 g; not to exceed 5 g per dose for 5-7 days or you can take 3-5 g for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  2. After the loading phase, follow up with a maintenance phase by taking 2-5 g daily.
  3. Drink plenty of water when supplementing with creatine, as the substance pulls water into muscle cells.
  4. Take creatine with a carb or protein-rich meal to help with absorption rates.


What Are the Side Effects of Creatine?

Before adding this supplement to your wellness routine, we recommend discussing the side effects of creatine with a healthcare professional.

You should also consult a health care professional before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have kidney disease/disorder.

Another factor to consider is that creatine may result in weight gain.


Final Thoughts

Creatine supplements are a great way to boost your workouts, but they aren't for everyone. You should always consult your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen. Additionally, you should ensure you're not suffering from a pre-existing condition that could be exacerbated by creatine use.

If you've been eating well and exercising regularly but are still plateauing in your performance, creatine may be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Finally, don't forget to check out our wide selection of creatine supplements.




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