7 Surprising Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

Jan 16, 2023Contributing Editor

When you make Bulletproof Coffee a part of your daily routine, here are 7 surprising Bulletproof Coffee benefits you might start to experience!

In the United States, we consume 400 million cups of coffee per day. Since we're already drinking it, how can we make it healthier? Enter bulletproof coffee. There are tons of bulletproof coffee benefits to consider and they just might make your morning even better!


Important Note: Certain caffeine and natural health products may not be right for you. We recommend always reading and following the label and consulting a healthcare professional before use, especially if you have any existing health conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Additionally, keep in mind that Bulletproof Coffee is not intended as a substitute for sleep or a healthy diet.


What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

If you're wondering how to make bulletproof coffee, we've got you covered. The bulletproof coffee recipe is pretty straightforward. It's just your regular cup of black coffee and a couple of tablespoons each of healthy fats like grass-fed butter or MCT oil. Blend and enjoy.

To get the full benefits of bulletproof coffee, you can try one of these specific blends that don't contain any harmful additives or molds.

Bulletproof coffee is intended to replace your typical breakfast. You can even make cold-brew bulletproof coffee with the help of a blender!

Bulletproof has recently risen to popularity after predominantly being popular in CrossFit and fad diet culture. For those following a high-fat diet, the bulletproof coffee Keto diet is a great way to get fats early in the morning.


Bulletproof Coffee Benefits

While some claim that bulletproof coffee consumption daily is unhealthy due to its high saturated fat content, occasional bulletproof coffee consumption is a nice way to start your morning.

Here are a few temporary benefits of drinking bulletproof coffee!

1. Promotes alertness and wakefulness

A cup of bulletproof coffee in the morning may help you temporarily stay alert and awake throughout the day. It may boost focus and productivity, making it a great option for those with busy schedules or demanding jobs.


2. Enhances cognitive performance

Bulletproof coffee is believed to have temporary cognitive-enhancing properties. Drinking it may improve mental sharpness, problem-solving abilities and decision-making, which can be very beneficial in a work or academic setting.


3. Relieves fatigue

Fatigue can be a real drag on daily life, but a cup of bulletproof coffee may help temporarily relieve it. It may give you an energy boost and help you tackle your day with more enthusiasm.


4. Promotes endurance

For those with active lifestyles, bulletproof coffee may be a great way to promote endurance temporarily. The healthy fats it contains can provide sustained energy throughout the day, allowing you to push through your daily routine or workout.


5. Enhances motor performance

Athletes or anyone who engages in sports may benefit from the temporary motor performance-enhancing properties of bulletproof coffee. It may improve reaction time and muscle coordination, leading to better performance.


6. Enhances physical energy

Physical energy is essential for tackling daily activities, bulletproof coffee may provide sustained energy throughout the day for a temporary period, allowing you to tackle your to-do list with ease.


7. Reduces tiredness and fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue can hurt daily life, and a cup of bulletproof coffee may help reduce it. It may give you a temporary energy boost in the morning.


Tips for Drinking Bulletproof Coffee


To ease into the process and make sure your body properly adapts, there are a few ways you can spice up your morning routine with bulletproof coffee. Here are a few ideas!

  • Put a splash of vanilla in your cup.
  • Pour your mixture over ice for hot summer days and cold coffee.
  • Listen to your body, if you're still hungry, eat!
  • The quality of the beans matters. If you're still drinking pre-ground average beans, it's time to switch to organic, healthy coffee beans you grind at home.
  • Ease into it by only starting with one tablespoon of butter and MCT oil or coconut oil. Sometimes the fat can irritate people's stomachs, so starting slow can reduce any discomfort.
  • Decaf and tea drinkers can participate too! Simply use decaf coffee beans or implement the bulletproof method into your favourite green tea or even better, matcha!


Should You Start Making Bulletproof Coffee?

Before diving into the world of bulletproof coffee, it's important to talk with your doctor first. This isn't an FDA-approved treatment for any ailment, so make sure you don't have any preexisting conditions that would be worsened by an increase in fat or caffeine intake.

Once you've gotten the go-ahead, welcome to the world of bulletproof coffee! Even if you incorporate bulletproof coffee alongside a big breakfast or only drink it on occasion, you may feel the bulletproof coffee benefits too.

As you implement bulletproof coffee into your life, think of all the other ways you can incorporate wellness into your daily routine. Check out the rest of our blog to stay up to date on wellness trends and learn about getting active, aromatherapy, vitamins, plant-based eating, and much more!

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