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If you’ve ever experienced warmth and swelling after cutting your finger or suffered through a fever and sore throat during a bad cold, you’ve experienced the healthy side of inflammation. This type of temporary response to harm or injury ... Read more

When you hear the words “core strengthening”, like most people, you probably imagine a lean, trim waistline and rock hard, washboard abs.  And who could blame you? The visible perks of a strong, stable core are hard to ignore.  But ... Read more

How often do you get naked in front of the mirror? I suggest getting naked all the time. It may sound funny and seem uncomfortable at first—but you’ll get the hang of it. Spending time naked in front of ... Read more

I have a problem: When it’s hot outside (and it’s been a pretty hot summer), I enjoy cold snacks! The problem with most summer snacks is that they're usually loaded with sugar (think: ice cream, ... Read more