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Probiotics are certainly not newcomers to the health care industry.  Probiotics are microorganisms; usually bacteria or yeasts that can be found in different foods and health supplements.  The known health benefits of probiotics are mostly to do ... Read more

  Let’s first establish that getting pregnant isn’t as easy as many believe.  Depending on factors such as age, fertility, and overall health, the average time it takes a woman to get pregnant can ... Read more

First things first – let's discuss the prevalence of fad diets and what they mean for your health.  The Raw Food Diet, the Alkaline Diet, or the Blood Type Diet are just a few examples of current ... Read more

  Start the New Year by committing to some new behaviors that get you laughing. Share a joke with a co-worker or tell a story that makes you chuckle. Laughing in a social environment or by yourself ... Read more