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One way to keep off unhealthy food is to create variations on your favorite snacks, but in a more nutritious recipe.  For me, brownies, chocolate energy bars, and chocolate-laden desserts have always been the crux in my ... Read more


The importance of regular exercise are well-documented – benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, elevated energy levels, disease prevention, and a enhancing your mood. Many people turn to running as their chosen form of exercise because it ... Read more

Sitting or Standing: The Great Workplace Health Debate

Multiple variations of the shocking articles with titles like Is Sitting The New Smoking? is making its way across work inboxes, shared among co-workers and has caused workplaces to re-evaluate how they perceive workplace health.  The essence ... Read more


For many long months in spring and autumn, public transit becomes more of a nightmare due to non-stop sneezing, runny noses and discarded tissue boxes.  Hay fever is an unavoidable phenomenon for most people, affecting between 10-30% ... Read more