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Wonder Oil

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Wonder Oil | 0061398106781



 Menthol 1.3%

 Clove Oil 0.3%


Other Ingredients: ethyl alcohol, water, myrrh extract.

Wonder Oil

WONDER OIL® is HEALING and COMFORTING.* WONDER OIL® is quickly absorbed into the skin to being working immediately.* WONDER OIL® is NOT GREASY or OILY and does not redden or stain the skin.* It may be used with heat, and has a PLEASANT AROMA which is non-obtrusive.* WONDER OIL® utilizes the analgesic (PAIN KILLING) effect of oil of cloves with the soothing, cooling effects of menthol.*

WONDER OIL® can be used to relieve a wide variety of conditions including ARTHRITIC AND RHEUMATIC PAIN, SORE TIRED ACHING FEET, BRUSIES, SPRAINS, INSECT BITES, MUSCULAR ACHES, AND LEG CRAMPS.* Because it does not irritate or redden the skin, patient discomfort is minimum, while relief is prompt.*


  • Arthritic or Rheumatic Pain*
  • Strains, Bruises and Sprains*
  • Sore Knee Joints*
  • Sore Muscles*
  • Tired Aching Feet*


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.