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Who We Are

Vetisse is a line of herbal remedies for pets created to supplement treatment for common pet ailments including arthritis, worms, infections, and wounds. All of our products contain quality botanical ingredients that were and still are used in traditional Native American, European, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Our Story

Before the time of prescription medication, people and animals relied heavily on the natural world to help them heal and stay healthy. As the world developed and scientific advancements were made, medicine became something that did not treat the root of a problem, but rather relieved the symptoms of a problem. This has lead to serious health issues being suppressed and not treated directly.

Dr. Loridawn Gordon, a naturopathic veterinarian, had a passion for natural healing. She believed in the elements of nature and nature’s ability to heal, after seeing how natural treatment improved her son’s chronic health issues. From witnessing the benefits naturopathy, Dr. Gordon knew that natural healing could be just as good for animals. 

Wanting to combine her passion for healing pets with the elements of the great outdoors, Dr. Gordon set out to find readily available, quality products that she could use in her veterinarian practice. Unfortunately, her search came up short. 

One day after taking her dog for a walk, Dr. Gordon knew that matters had to be taken into her own hands. She was encouraged by her surroundings, in the pristine outdoors of Whistler, BC, to begin to develop a unique line of natural pet products. Partnering up with friends who were doctors and pharmacists, Dr. Gordon helped formulate what is now known as Vetisse – an all natural pet line for common pet ailments, inspired by nature.


Our Remedies

Most drugs are prescribed to treat symptoms of an ailment, not the actual ailment itself. Vetisse is a natural line of herbal remedies that was created to stimulate healing and recovery in your pet, getting to the root of a health problem. 

Take $20 off your Vetisse order!For this reason, Vetisse includes natural remedies that you can apply to your pet externally, and ones that pets can ingest internally. External products, like our ointments and creams, deliver healing stimulants and immune system boosters on the spot of injury, while killing pathogens in the wound to prevent future infection. The Vetisse liquid herbal blends stimulate recovery by working internally in pets, relieving the root problem of health issues.

Vetisse products were developed for the most common pet ailments. This includes health issues ranging from digestion, skin conditions, infections, and allergies, to even more serious common conditions, like heart and kidney disease. 

Many of the Vetisse products can also be used together, in order to improve the overall function of your pet’s organs and immune system.


Where It's Made

Our holistic remedies offer you the opportunity to treat your pet’s condition without compromising their health with the potential adverse side effects of synthetic drugs. Our products are manufactured in Kelowna, British Columbia in accordance to Heath Canada and FDA guidelines.


Vet Approved

All Vetisse products are vet approved by Dr. Loridawn Gordon. Dr. Gordon is not only a veterinarian, but also a certified naturopathic veterinarian. She received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Prince Edward Island, and her HPTG at the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine. Dr. Gordon uses Vetisse products everyday to treat pets that come to her practice.