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  • TheraPearl Back Wrap | THP-1001-001 |  850803002080

    TheraPearl Back Wrap


    TheraPearl Back Wrap Therapearl Back Wrap With Adjustable Strap, 1 Count Perfect for lower/upper back pain, torso/midsection injuries, ham/quad pulls, and more!. Freeze and Microwave. Reusable and...

  • TheraPearl Ankle and Wrist Wrap | 850803002523

    TheraPearl Ankle and Wrist Wrap


    TheraPearl Ankle and Wrist Wrap Fast relief from sprains and strains.* Whether you’re an athlete, hardcore gamer, or simply work at a computer all day, Thera°Pearl’s Ankle/Wrist Wrap has the relief...

  • TheraPearl Knee Wrap | 850803002349

    TheraPearl Knee Wrap


    TheraPearl Knee Wrap Strenuous workouts, household chores and that touch of arthritis put tremendous stress on your knees. Don’t let discomfort and swelling hobble you. THERA°PEARL’s...

  • TheraPearl Eye Mask | 310119022740

    TheraPearl Eye Mask


    TheraPearl Eye Mask Even after a restful night’s sleep you can wake with red, puffy eyes that make you look and feel tired -especially during allergy season. If decongestants leave you in a fog try...

  • TheraPearl Sports Pack | 850803002004

    TheraPearl Sports Pack - 1 pack


    TheraPearl Sports Pack TheraPearl sports pack. The price of perfection is high, whether you pay at the gym or the spa. TheraPearl sports pack rescues men and women from post-workout and...

  • TheraPearl Pals Kids Pack Ribbit the Frog | 850803002127

    TheraPearl Pals Kids Pack Ribbit the Frog


    TheraPearl Pals Kids Cold Pack Ribbit the Frog Fun friend battles bumps & bruises. When your children are hurt, you want to make it all better, NOW. For a fast, drug-free way to fix a boo-boo or...