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The Hush Blackout Eye Mask

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The Hush Blackout Eye Mask | HUSH-EYEMASK | 691821656660

The Hush Blackout Eye Mask

The Hush Blackout Eye Mask is specially designed for complete darkness and comfort. It prevents the light to enter your eyes so that you can a undisturbed sleep. This mask blocks out 100% of all light from hitting your eyes, restoring melatonin (sleep hormone) production and allowing you to fall asleep faster. The special-made, adjustable eyecups of this sleepmask allows your eyes to "float" suspended without any fabric pressing against it. Just did your lashes, or have sensitive skin? This mask will protect your most precious eyes.


  • It may help you sleep faster
  • It provides complete comfort and pitch-black relaxation due to the unique 3D design.
  • Light from street lamps, electronics, hallway lights etc. would not be able to penetrate through this mask
  • It has adjustable eyecups that allow your eyecups to float suspended without any pressure
  • Made of ultra-soft foam and jersey fabric

Have a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep with The Hush Blackout Eye Mask.