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Sprout Living Organic Coconut Water 100% Coconut Water Powder 225g

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Sprout Living Organic Coconut Water 100% Coconut Water Powder 225g | 852457007558

Sprout Living Organic Coconut Water 100% Coconut Water Powder 225g

Our JAW Coconut Water is produced with fresh coconuts from India's most pristine fields. We take this nutrient-dense liquid and carefully evaporate and freeze-dry it, yielding highly smooth and dissolvable powder rich in potent electrolytes, minerals, and a delicious flavour.

Is Coconut Water Powder Good For You?

  • Coconut water is an ancient hydration source that has been drank in tropical locations all over the world for ages.
  • To ensure optimal freshness and nutrition, the liquid is extracted from young, green coconuts that are roughly 6 months old.
  • It's high in potassium and an excellent method to remain hydrated naturally.
  • This liquid is transformed into a lovely, flowing organic coconut water powder that can easily be blended into water through a process of careful evaporation and freeze-drying.

We use 100% whole food ingredients. No flavoring, no gums, no thickeners – just clear plant nutrition.
Farm Sourced/Optimally Dried/Thoughtfully Formulated/For Your Enjoyment

What are the benefits of Coconut Water?

One of the most well-known benefits of coconut water is hydration, thanks to electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Electrolytes are beneficial in a variety of situations—they assist maintain your pH, keep you hydrated, and govern muscular contractions—but they're especially beneficial in certain circumstances.

Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water every day keeps everything in your digestive system running smoothly and allows nutrients to flow into your bloodstream. Coconut water, on the other hand, thanks to its fiber and magnesium content, takes things to the next level.

Keeping our bodies hydrated not only promotes healthy organ function but also promotes good skin health. Coconut water has the same benefits as regular H20, but it also contains a little amount of skin-boosting vitamin C—around 10 milligrams per 100 grammes.

About Sprout Living

Sprout Living is committed to inspiring health, happiness and equity in every human by crafting and sharing the purest health products and initiatives. We craft and share innovative products of exceptional standard made with thoughtful formulas from wholesome ingredients by a passionate team in a kitchen (not a lab). Phew! Due to this, each thing we make avoids a lot of the unneeded additives you find in plant nutrition: no gums, no “flavoring” and absolutely nothing synthetic.
We say “tastes real because it is” for a reason: all of our products are made entirely of real food components, with no “natural” flavors, gums, or additives.

Maca, lucuma, sea buckthorn, chlorella, acerola, reishi, and a slew of other superfoods have been carefully selected from organic farmers who have been thoroughly vetted to provide excellent nourishment and an unmistakably natural taste that you can (quite literally) feel good about enjoying.