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Spektrum Glasses Prospek Anti-Blue Light Glasses - Elite

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Spektrum Glasses Prospek Anti-Blue Light Glasses - Elite| 642419616368 | 12564251-1

Spektrum Glasses Prospek Anti-Blue Light Glasses - Elite

Spektrum Glasses Prospek Anti Blue Light Glasses - Elite is suited to both students and professionals. As with all Prospek-99 great for those looking to delete blue light from their lives.


  • Dimension: 4.6x17.6x7.5
  • Classic and understated
  • UV Light Blocking (100% Blocking UVA, 100% Blocking UVB)*
  • Anti-Glare
  • Anti-Fog
  • Anti-Oil (Fingerprint Resistant)*
  • Electromagnetic Ray Blocking
  • Harmful Blue Light Protection*


  • Get Your 8 Hours: Sleep well again. Blue light may be the biggest culprit when it comes to you not getting enough sleep.*
  • Preventative Protection: Exposure to blue light over a long period of time can permanently damage your eyes.*
  • 8 Layers of Protection: Prospek glasses come with 8 layers of protection to keep your eyes and your glasses safe.*
  • No More Headaches: Say goodbye to headaches caused by your computer, PROSPEK users report no more migranes.*
These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.