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Inari Organic

Inari is a Canadian brand of food products including nuts, seeds and grains. All their products are Certified Organic – this means no use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified seeds/crops and employing farming methods that are environmentally sound. It also means food that does not have added toxins and chemicals that may enter your body and rob you of health. While as an Organic company they do not use pesticides themselves, Inari is concerned with your health and have adopted the stringent and highly respected BNN Orientation Value/IFOAM Pesticide Guidelines. They test for over 595 pesticides that are approved for use in conventional agriculture, to make sure that there is no pesticide contamination in their products. Our most popular Inari products include INARI Organic Whole Brown Flax Seeds and INARI Organic Whole Black Chia Seeds

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