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  • Baie Run Feline Omega3 Ocean Fish Flavour 140 mL | 628250036039

    Baie Run Feline Omega3 Ocean Fish Flavour 140 mL

    $16.90 $19.99

    Baie Run Feline Omega3 Ocean Fish Flavour Feline Omega3 is made using Premium human grade fish oils maing it easy for your cat to get recommended daily serving of omega-3. Benefits: Features and Benefits: Helps with joint health* Helps with skin and...

  • Kishu Charcoal For Pet Water Bowls | 793573787989

    Kishu Charcoal For Pet Water Bowls 1 Count


    KISHU CHARCOAL FOR PET WATER BOWLS Ingredients: Kishu Charcoal is made from 100% natural oak tree branches.Kishu Charcoal For Pet Water Bowls Kishu Charcoal for Pets is the perfect way to provide toxin-free, delicious tasting water for your dog's water...

  • NaturPet Home Alone | 688899892526

    NaturPet Home Alone 100 ml


    Ingredients & Benefits Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis) Traditionally used to calm all kinds of nervous disorders. Used primarily as a sedative to relieve sleep disorders, anxiety, nervousness or exhaustion. Horsetail grass (Equisetum arvense)...

  • NaturPet Liver Care | 688899882527

    NaturPet Liver Care 100 ml

    $27.99 $35.99

    NaturPet Liver Care The liver works as a powerful cleanser for your pet's body; like any filter it needs regular cleaning to work properly.* LIVER CARE contains Milk Thistle, an herb which helps promote liver health.* Benefits: Made in Canada.* Vet...

  • Olie Naturals Lignan Works Pet (DISCONTINUED)


    OLIE NATURALS LIGNAN WORKS PET Ingredient: Organic flax hulls NON GMO. No preservatives, solvents, additives, artificial flavours or colouring.Olie Naturals Lignan Works Pet Olie Naturals incorporates ancient wisdom, science and cutting edge innovation...

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