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  • Organika Enhanced Collagen Original 250g | 620365018276 Organika Enhanced Collagen Original 500g  | 620365018283

    Organika Enhanced Collagen Original

    $22.94 $27.99

    Organika Enhanced Collagen Original From healthy hair, glowing skin and strong nails to gut and joint health – this super powder has super powers! Organika’s Enhanced Collagen is a clean, single-ingredient formula, sourced from grass-fed,...

  • Organika Curcumin 500mg Anti-Inflammatory 60 VCAPS | 620365011246 Organika Curcumin 500mg Anti-Inflammatory 120 VCAPS | 620365011253

    Organika Curcumin 500mg Anti-Inflammatory

    $18.49 $26.99

    Organika Curcumin 500mg Turmeric is your answer to inflammation and stomach complaints. As an anti-inflammatory, turmeric may regulate the factors in your body that are linked with inflammation.* Add this powerful plant to your nutrition regime. Turmeric...

  • Organika Enhanced Collagen Boost MCT Creamer | UPC 620365015626 Organika Enhanced Collagen Boost MCT Creamer | Vanilla | UPC 620365029487

    Organika Enhanced Collagen Boost MCT Creamer

    $27.65 $33.99

    Organika Enhanced Collagen Boost MCT Creamer If you are looking for a clean, functional creamer for your coffee, then this MCT creamer is the one for you! Unlike typical creamers, Enhanced Collagen Boost™* is made up of only 2 natural ingredients:...

  • Organika Plant Based Collagen Booster 150g | 620365029609

    Organika Plant Based Collagen Booster

    $33.22 $38.99

    Organika Plant-Based Collagen Booster Organika’s Plant-Based Collagen Booster contains 7 synergistic ingredients to naturally boost collagen production, as well as to protect collagen from UV and free radicals.* It is also the first collagen...

  • Organika Enhanced Collagen Relax 250g | 620365018580 Organika Enhanced Collagen Relax 10 x 8.6g | 620365026882

    Organika Enhanced Collagen Relax

    $25.85 $29.99

    Organika Enhanced Collagen Relax Peptides are short-chain amino acids naturally derived from collagen protein.* These natural peptides are highly bioavailable, digestible and soluble.* They help reverse UVB-induced skin damage, as well as changes to the...

  • Organika Enhanced Collagen Vitality 250g | 620365018573

    Organika Enhanced Collagen Vitality

    $25.85 $29.99

    Organika Enhanced Collagen Vitality Organika’s Enhanced Collagen Vitality is your skins best friend. Combining the benefits of skin health from collagen with organic matcha’s super high anti-oxidant profile, this product works together to...

  • Organika Turmeric Mylk Latte 110g | 620365029654

    Organika Turmeric Mylk Latte 110g

    $18.99 $20.99

    Organika Turmeric Mylk Latte Is the daily grind dulling your shine? Organika’s Turmeric Mylk Latté combines golden Coconut Milk, Turmeric, fragrant ginger powder, Cardamom and Ashwagandha to bring you warmth and nourishment in a...

  • Organika Silica 90 Caps | 620365016166 Organika Silica 180 Caps | 620365016159

    Organika Silica

    $14.78 $17.99

    ORGANIKA SILICA (HORSETAIL EXTRACT)  Nutrition FactsServing Size: 1 Capsule Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *    Silicon         (from 250 mg Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.) aerial parts containing 7% Silica) 8 mg     Vitamin C       ...

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