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  • Flora Health Floralax  IIb 200g | 061998080276

    Flora Health Floralax II 200g

    $10.25 $15.99

    Flora Health Floralax II 200g Looking for a gentle and effective natural laxative? Flora’s unique formula contains three natural sources of high quality fibre rolled into one: flax seeds, which keep fecal matter soft, psyllium seed husks, providing...

  • Purica Fiberlicious 250 grams | 815555000050 Purica Fiberlicious 800 grams | 815555008001

    Purica Fiberlicious


    Purica Fiberlicious Fiberlicious is pure and simple! Extracted from the root of the chicory plant, this fine white dietary fiber is completely natural, easy to use and delicious!* Fiberlicious is  pure chicory root extract (oligosaccharides). Pure...

  • WomenSense FibreSense 150g | 628826002154

    WomenSense FibreSense 150g

    $26.47 $34.99

    WomenSense FibreSense 150g WomenSense FibreSense 150g is a prebiotic supplement that helps to relief irritable bowel syndrome and improves bowel regularity. The powder is flavourless, organic and low in fermentable carbohydrates, known collectively as...

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