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  • Botanica Cilantro Liquid Extract | 822078900286

    Botanica Cilantro Liquid Extract - 50 ml

    $16.99 $25.99

    Botanica Cilantro Liquid Extract Traditionally used for its unique spicy flavour, cilantro can help relieve gas and nausea.* Cilantro also contains a high amount of antioxidants.* Features: Dairy-Free.* Gluten-Free.* Non-GMO.* Soy-Free.* Vegetarian...

  • Botanica Dandelion Root Liquid Extract | 822078900323

    Botanica Dandelion Root Liquid Extract - 50 ml

    $16.99 $20.99

    Botanica Dandelion Root Liquid Extract Dandelion Root is a bitter tonic that stimulates hydrochloric acid, bile, liver, pancreatic and small intestine secretions.* It is indicated for chronic constipation due to poor digestion, poor fat metabolism and...

  • Botanica Digestive Bitters Compound | 822078920123

    Botanica Digestive Bitters Compound - 50 ml

    $21.21 $29.99

    Botanica Digestive Bitters Compound This formula stimulates the entire process of digestion, absorption and elimination by increasing production of hydrochloric acid, liver fluids, pancreatic function and small intestine digestive enzymes.* By...

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