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  • AOR Advanced Biotics 90 Veg Capsules | 624917041460

    AOR Advanced Biotics 90 Veg Capsules


    AOR Advanced Biotics Humans are full of bacteria (referred to as microflora) that live naturally and synergistically inside the body.* Probiotics are live microorganisms that help to balance the intestinal microflora and promote optimal gut health.*...

  • AOR AHCC 60 Vegi-Caps | 624917043143

    AOR AHCC 60 Vegi-Caps


    AOR AHCC AHCC provides antioxidants.* The active ingredients of AHCC include acetylated alpha and beta glucans and saccharides of low molecular weight (5 kDaltons) for optimal bioavailability.* When it comes to health, we all understand the...

  • AOR Curcumin 95 | 624917040043

    AOR Curcumin 95 - 90 veg capsules


    AOR Curcumin 95  Curcumin is an extract of the herb turmeric (Curcuma longa Linn) which has a potential of wide-ranging health benefits. It attempts to have antioxidant effects, to support cellular damage, and it may reduce the production of...

  • AOR Curcumin Active | 624917042474

    AOR Curcumin Active - 60 capsules


    AOR Curcumin Active Product Information Curcumin Active is a high dose of fast-acting Longvida optimized curcumin which can be used for those with osteoarthritis, joint pain or any type of chronic pain caused by inflammation.* Longvida curcumin was...

  • AOR Gandha-600 120 veg-caps| 624917042429

    AOR Gandha-600 - 120 veg capsules


    AOR Gandha-600 Gandha-600 contains ashwagandha, a plant widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Ashwagandha is traditionally used as Rasayana (rejuvenative tonic), to relieve general weakness and stress, especially in old age, as a sleep aid, to balance...

  • AOR IP6 (Formerly Phyto C) 90 Vegi Caps | SKU: AOR-1083-0001 | UPC: 624917042566

    AOR IP6 (Formerly Phyto C) - 90 Veg Capsules


    AOR IP6 (Formerly Phyto C) IP6 contains antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. IP6 is naturally found within the fibre of most cereal grains and seeds, however its absorption from food sources is not always good because it is tightly bound to...

  • AOR Lactoferrin 250 | 624917041101

    AOR Lactoferrin 250 - 60 veg capsules


    Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) Lactoferrin 250  Lactoferrin is an iron transporter protein that is a natural part of the human defense system. It is a first line of defense found in various secretions such as saliva, tears and milk, and it...

  • AOR Lactoferrin-Ultra Powder 1kg | UPC: 624917041590

    AOR Lactoferrin-Ultra Powder - 1 Kg

    $423.99 $514.99

    AOR Lactoferrin-Ultra Powder Lactoferrin-Ultra combines an ultra-high dose of lactoferrin with whey protein isolate and a high-protein concentrate. Lactoferrin-Ultra is a source of essential and branched chain amino acids for protein synthesis and helps...

  • AOR Magnesium Synergy 209g | SKU: AOR-1187-001 | UPC: 624917044096

    AOR Magnesium Synergy - 250 Grams

    $37.49 $46.99

    AOR Magnesium Synergy Advanced Magnesium Synergy is specially formulated to promote optimal absorption of magnesium into the cell, where it is needed the most, without negative side effects at therapeutic doses.* This formulation helps in energy...

  • AOR Taurine | 624917040494

    AOR Taurine - 270 capsules


    Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) Taurine  Taurine is a small aminosulfonic acid found primarily in seafood and meat. It may play a role in the regulation of the flow of ions across cellular membranes and the biosynthesis of water-soluble...

  • AOR Zinc Copper Balance 100 Veg Capsules |  624917042917

    AOR Zinc Copper Balance 100 Veg Capsules

    $22.95 $28.95

    Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) Zinc Copper Balance  Zinc helps support a number of aspects of metabolism, including helping with the function of many enzymes and can support the immune system.* Copper also supports in energizing metabolism...

  • Botanica Ashwagandha Liquid Extract | 822078900019

    Botanica Ashwagandha Liquid Extract - 50 ml

    $16.99 $20.99

    Botanica Ashwagandha Liquid Extract Ashwagandha rejuvenates and tonifies the entire system, especially the endocrine and immune systems.* This herb may help nourish and restore optimal nervous and immune system health by normalizing mood, energy levels,...

  • Botanica Astragalus Liquid Extract | 822078900040

    Botanica Astragalus Liquid Extract - 50 ml

    $16.99 $20.99

    Botanica Astragalus Liquid Extract Astragalus or Huang Qi is considered to be a superior tonic remedy in Chinese medicine.* This deep immune tonic may work to rebuild depleted immune and endocrine systems, especially in light of stress and environmental...

  • Botanica Chaga Mushroom Liquid Extract | 822078900255

    Botanica Chaga Mushroom Liquid Extract - 50 ml

    $18.44 $25.99

    Botanica Chaga Mushroom Liquid Extract Traditionally used for immune deficiency, Chaga mushroom is a rich source of betulin, and contains Immune potentiating mushroom polysaccharides.* Features: Dairy-Free.* Gluten-Free.* Non-GMO.* Soy-Free.* Vegetarian...

  • Botanica Daily Immune Shot | 822078955101 Botanica Daily Immune Shot - 250 ml | 822078955101

    Botanica Daily Immune Shot - 250 ml

    $19.99 $25.99

    Botanica Daily Immune Shot Botanica Daily Immune Shot is loaded with enzymes, B vitamins, micronutrients and organic acids – and a therapeutic dose of oregano.* For when you’re getting run down and can sense your immune function is in need of...

  • Botanica Daily Zen Shot | 822078955057 Botanica Daily Zen Shot 250 ml | 822078955057

    Botanica Daily Zen Shot - 250 ml

    $19.99 $25.99

    Botanica Daily Zen Shot Botanica Daily Zen Shot improves gut health, is loaded with enzymes, B vitamins, micronutrients and organic acids – and a dose of Holy Basil.* All to help support a healthy response to stress – because sometimes we...

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