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Allergy, Eye & Ear Care

Shop for allergy and sinus remedies at Yes Wellness. We have allergy and sinus relief for adults as well as children's natural allergy and sinus remedies. We also carry pollen allergy remedies and apple cider vinegar for allergies. So, if you have seasonal allergies, skin allergies, pet allergies, or are looking for natural remedies for allergies and sinus, you can count on the products in the following categories to provide relief: Allergy Relief, Eye Drops & Dryness, Nasal Spray & Rinses, Oral Eye Care and Topical Ointments & Creams.

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  • Alcon Isopto Tears Lubricant Eye Drops 1%


    Alcon Isopto Tears Lubricant Eye Drops 1% Alcon Isopto Tears contains 1.0% hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ophthalmic solution, for stronger relief of irritation and burning due to dry eyes. With use of this product your eyes will be left moisturized and...

  • AOR Cogni Omega 3 500mg 120 V-Softgels | UPC: 624917740134 | SKU: AOR-1201-001

    AOR Cogni Omega 3 500mg (DISCONTINUED)

    $44.49 $55.99

    AOR Cogni Omega 3 500mg Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid which plays many important roles in heart health. It is not synthesized by the body and therefore must be obtained from dietary sources. Research suggests that higher doses of Omega 3 are better...

  • AOR Lutein Wildcrafted 60 V-Softgels | UPC: 624917740059 | SKU: AOR-1190-001

    AOR Lutein Wildcrafted - 60 Veg Softgels

    $31.99 $39.99

    AOR Lutein Wildcrafted Lutein protects the eyes against oxidative stress; conditions associated with sunlight damage, such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, improves macular pigment optical density and helps to reduce the risk of...

  • Boo Bamboo Charcoal Eye Mask | Single 776629102479 | 12 Pack 776629102476

    Boo Bamboo Charcoal Eye Mask Single

    $4.99 $5.99

    Boo Bamboo Charcoal Eye Mask Revide tired, puffy eyes with this bamboo fibre eye mask. Pomegranate seed extract awakens and tones the eye contour, while vitamin-packed citrus oils brighten and help fight signs of aging.* Use as part of your regular...

  • CanPrev L-Taurine Powder 450g | 886646501930

    CanPrev L-Taurine Powder 450g

    $30.99 $33.99

    CanPrev L-Taurine Powder L-Taurine Vegan Amino Acid powder from CanPrev provides a high potency dose of pure, fermented L-taurine in every scoop. Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the body but is found in the highest concentrations in the brain,...

  • CanPrev Vitamin A Drops 15mL | 886646501855

    CanPrev Vitamin A Drops 15mL

    $14.99 $18.99

    CanPrev Vitamin A Drops 15mL CanPrev’s Vitamin A drops offer 10,000IU of stable and active all-trans-retinyl-palmitate vitamin A. Features: Dairy Free Gluten Free GMO Free Soy Free Vegan Benefits: The ideal form necessary for improving vision,...

  • Clear Eyes Allergy Eye Drops


    CLEAR EYES ALLERGY EYE DROPS Active Ingredients: Naphazoline hydrochloride 0.012% w/v, glycerin 0.26% w/v and zinc sulphate 0.25% w/vClear Eyes Allergy Eye Drops Clear Eyes Allergy is a triple-action formula that relieves itching, removes redness...

  • Clear Eyes Eye Drops

    Clear Eyes Eye Drops


    CLEAR EYES EYE DROPS Active Ingredients: Naphazoline hydrochloride 0.012% w/v.Clear Eyes Eye Drops Soothes and removes redness, caused by plant allergies, fatigue, swimming, head-colds, reading, TV viewing, close visual work and smoke-filled rooms...

  • Enerex OccuMax 30 soft gels


    Enerex OccuMax Eyes cannot function without key antioxidant nutrients. OccuMax offers the most important nutrients required by eyes, helping to keep your vision clear and sharp and relieving eye strain symptoms like blurred vision, irritated eyes and...

  • Lorna Vanderhaeghe Cala Q Plus 60 caps | 871776001061

    Lorna Vanderhaeghe Cala Q Plus - 60 softgels

    $32.49 $41.39

    LORNA VANDERHAEGHE Cala Q PLUS 60 Veg Caps Nutrition FactsServing Size: 2 Capsule Servings per Container: 60 Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *   Calamari Oil  1000 mg   DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) 720 mg   EPA...

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