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Relaxus Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder

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Relaxus Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder | L0150, 504016 | 628949101505, 628949140160

Relaxus Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder

This Relaxus Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder makes for a great addition to any room.

Features & Benefits:

  • Made from natural Himalayan salt crystals
  • Neutralizes airborne particles
  • May help to improve mood, sleep, and lower anxiety
  • Hand crafted so size/weight may vary (approximately 2.5-3.5lbs & 10cm)
  • Holds tealights and small candles
  • Available in Amber or White

Minerals found in Himalayan salt: Potassium, Rhodium, Tantalum, Bismuth, Zinc, Bromide, Selenium

Improve your mood and your decor with the Relaxus Himalayan Salt Tealight Holder.

Warning -Keep out of reach of pets that may lick the candle holder as high salt intake is bad for them.