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Relaxus Ice & Heat Roller

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Relaxus Ice & Heat Roller| Black | 628949063148

Relaxus Ice & Heat Roller

The Relaxus Ice & Heat Roller feature an easy to hold grip for better use. They come with a stainless steel massager ball that can be chilled in the freezer or somewhere cold for a couple hours before needed. Doing this can combine both deep targeted pressure and therapeutic cold application.


  • Help soothe stress, muscle aches and pain
  • High quality, food grade stainless steel
  • Insulating gel maintains a cold and comfortable temperature
  • Perfect for on-the-go muscle maintenance and relaxation
  • The compact size is ideal for travel

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 6.5 cm (2.55 inches)
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Grey

How to Use: Place in freezer or cold area for at least two hours before massage. Smooth stainless steel glide effortlessly over skin.

 Do you need an easy to use massager that you can take anywhere? Try a Relaxus Ice & Heat Roller!