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Relaxus Harmony Balls Set

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Harmony Balls Set of 2 by Relaxus Elephant L3010 |

Relaxus Harmony Balls Set

The Relaxus Harmony Balls Set comes with 2 relaxation balls and can be used for hand exercise, therapy, or part of a meditative session. Alternative Medicine advocates believe that Harmony balls are beneficial when they touch pressure points or acupuncture points found all over the hand. The beautiful designs and markings on the harmony balls make it a great gift.

  • 2 massaging surfaces with built-in acu points
  • Strong, resonating “tapping” massage
  • Long flexible handle – gain access to those hard to reach tender areas
  • Includes wooden gift box
  • Various designs available

Strengthen your hands and relax at the same time with the Relaxus Harmony Balls Set.