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Relaxus Full Body Massage Mat With Heat

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Relaxus Full Body Massage Mat With Heat | | 628949023784 |REL-702378

Relaxus Full Body Massage Mat With Heat

Mat Massager

The Relaxus Full Body Massage Mat comes with infrared heat which is designed to give you a full body massage while standing or reclining- the choice is yours. As you lay on the mat, it provides acupressure relief. This helps with back ache, soreness, and tight muscles. The Relaxus Full Body Massage Mat can be placed on the bed, sofa, or simply on the floor. Even though the floor is the best option, the mat can be placed on a level surface that allows you to comfortably lay down or recline.

The Relaxus Full Body Massage Mat helps to decompress after a long, hard day. If you spend half-an-hour on the massage mat before bedtime, it will help you relax and sleep better. Did you know that a relaxed body automatically lowers stressed levels and balances hormones in the body? Moreover, the infrared head in the Relaxus Full Body Massage Mat increases blood flow and circulation to loosen muscles, target soreness, and heal any microtears.

Using the Relaxus Full Body Massage Mat with the right pressure on the body’s acupoints can aid in restoring the blood flow as well as the lymph flow. You can use the Relaxus Full Body Massage Mat on the upper and lower back, legs, and on the full body. The vibration, along with the infrared heat will aid will muscle soreness, break muscle adhesions, and remove tightness in the back, shoulders, hips, and thighs.

Product Features

  • 9 vibrating motors
  • 7 vibration massage modes
  • On / Off Heat function
  • Targeted massage zones
  • Neck & Shoulders, Lumbar (upper/ lower back), Legs, Full Body Massage
  • Voltage: 110-240 V 50Hz/ 60Hz
  • Output voltage: 12V 1A
  • Rated Power: 18W
  • The adapter plugs into the remote, not into the zippered part on the side
  • User Manual (click here)