Ty Beanie Bellies Skylar Pink And Orange Unicorn

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Ty Beanie Bellies Skylar Pink and Orange Unicorn

Gift your little one some magic with this Ty pink unicorn beanie. She loves to cuddle and play games which lets her keep up with your child’s needs. Ty Skylar is made from colorful, super soft fabric that shouldn’t irritate the skin. This means you can have cuddle-time all the time, and Skylar’s always ready to give hugs!

Ty Pink Unicorn Features:

  • Super soft pink, orange, and yellow fabric
  • Sparkling blue glitter eyes
  • Enchanting unicorn with a shiny golden horn
  • Sits in an attentive position
  • Pink hooves reach out for hugs
  • Ready to share dreams and listen to stories
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • 20 cm

Ty Beanie Unicorn Birthday and Poem:

May 22nd Pink unicorns love to play outside. They're really good if they have to hide. We should play a game of hide-and-seek, But when you count you better not peek.

Snuggle Buddy

Bring your little one’s dreams to life and never have them go without cuddles again! This Ty pink unicorn loves to snuggle and is made from super soft fabric that shouldn’t irritate the skin so nothing gets in the way of cuddle-time! Skylar sits in an upright position with her hooves always ready to give hugs.

Best Playmate

Skylar, this Ty Beanie unicorn, is always ready to have fun and play. Her favorite game is hide-and-seek, but she’ll tag along for any adventure. Her smaller size makes this even easier as she can be carried or packed in different bags for trips.

Ty Skylar Unicorn

This Ty pink unicorn may become your child’s best friend. They can create a deeper connection thanks to her Ty Heart that has her birthday and a poem. Your little one can then better understand Skylar and may bond over shared interests or even a shared birthday.

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